Impackt: Bee’s Knees

Killing me won’t bring back your goddamn honey

Beeswaxe (T11 Axe)
Hive Guard Plate (T6 Heavy Armor)
Honey Pot/Busy Beehive (Decorations)
Buzzy Bee Body/Buzzy Bee Hoodie (Avatar Items)


Hive Guard Plate (T6 Heavy Armor)
125 DEF/31 ATK
113 Iron/29 Steel/1 Iron Mail/3 Bronze Fang

A welcome addition to the Heavy Armor line as it helps keep the ascension cost down. Unfortunately it is not possible to remove the precraft from it, though it is using a cheap/non-quality one and with 7.0 it can used for transmog if nothing else.

Beeswaxe (T11 Axe)
540 ATK/135 DEF
338 Wood/98 Ironwood/73 Oil/1 Sigil of Might/4 Precious Shell

From a crafting perspective: yeah that’s not a mistake, we have here a T11 axe that does not use any rare resources. The ascension that would normally reduce Ether/Jewel instead lowers the Oil count.

This does mean we’re not bound by the slowest resource regen, however to work it into a stable rotation is going to require you to work in some cheap herb item (or just don’t craft anything from that line.)

From a meta perspective: Kodiak Kleaver gets the chop1as Beeswaxe takes its place as the best-in-slot axe.

That being said, the attack is a bit on the lower side compared to alternative weapons most axe wearers can use (a trait of the axe line in general) and it doesn’t bring a lot to the table with its def stat. It’ll have some uses, just not really a gamechanger.


There is one indoor and one outside decoration in this pack. First up we have the Honey Pot.

Taken against a neutral background

The bees are animated and will fly circles around the pot.

For the outside of your shop we have the Busy Beehive.

As with the Honey Pot, the bees are animated and will fly around.

Avatar Items

We have a new top and new hat for the merchant.

The hat is one solid colour which can be adjusted. On the top you can change the colour of one of the sets of stripes and the t-shirt underneath.

Superior Pack

Honeycomb Defender (T11 Shield)
Honeycombs/Busy Beehive (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Honeycomb Defender (T11 Shield)
305 DEF/19 HP
338 Wood/98 Ironwood/31 Jewels/1 Sigil of Might/3 Zirconia Eggshell

From a crafting perspective: More wood for the wood god! An unfortunate overlap with the mega pack craft, though this time we’re using the standard wood/ironwood/jewel lineup. The jewel cost can be lowered to 22 with ascensions. A pretty fair option for your wood craft if you don’t want to use the beeswaxe.

From a meta perspective: We part ways with Emperor Wyrmguard2 as the Honeycomb Defender flies in to take its rightful place. Offering an extra 60 baseline defence, this shield will provide a good jump in hero survivability in places such as Bleakspire.

Note: in the case of evasion-based shield users, Bunbun Buckler is still a solid option.


The pack flooring/wallpaper in action.


  • Hive Guard Plate has a precraft, though it’s cheap and does help keep ascension costs down
  • Beeswaxe is the new best-in-slot axe with a different spin on resource costs
  • Honeycomb Defender is a pretty great shield.
  • Both furniture items are animated, bring the bees to your yard
  • Or dress up as a bee, it’s a free kingdom.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 6/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

  1. 4.08 Swan’s Edges
  2. 6.46 Swan’s Edges

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