Impackt: Black Friday 2020

Better act fast if you want them

Sia Special Offer, Loot Aplenty Offer, Fall Superior Offer!, Academy Special Offer, Engineer Special Offer and Oktoberfest Superior Pack

Let the sales begin

Offer #1

Lucky Strike (T10 Dagger)
Huggable Koala/Midnight Owl Carpet (Furnishings)
350 Gems, 350,000 gold.
Lucky Strike (T10 Dagger)
460 ATK/5% Crit
290 Iron/83 Steel/
5 Precious Shell/3 Living Root

From a crafting perspective: this is an amazing option for your metal line, it being a dagger that remembers not to cost t3 resource (cough Swan’s Edge cough.) It has pretty low component costs too, I would highly consider this for crafting.

From a meta perspective: This is generally not an upgrade for most of the heroes that can wear it – Wanderer/Thief/Dancers have access to either Nightwing or Handcask and Soldiers really shouldn’t be building crit. Sorcerer could possibly make use if built for crit, however that’s a steep drop compared to wand damage and they don’t have access to Warlord.

You could consider it on a Ninja if you didn’t want the survival stats from the pack swords as they just want to crit fast to get the fight over with.

Note: you might be thinking that meta perspective is familiar. I just copy/pasted the one from earlier this month cause it’s still 100% applicable.


Huggable Koala and Midnight Owl Carpet, taken against a neutral background.

Included carpet is already available for gems, but it’s still a pretty cute carpet. Koala is not animated (would have been kinda weird though.)


  • Lucky Strike is a strong contender for your metal crafting slot, with good base value, no t3 resource and reasonable costs.
  • On the other hand, not great from a meta perspective for hero equipping, outside of leaderboard for Warlock.

Final Rating: 7/10

Offer #2

Limited Edition Stamp x 5
Ascension Shards x100
Super Skill Die x5
Mega Skill Die x5
Perfect Skill Die x5
Sunken Chest + Key x5

Ascension shards x 100: $30 (I know it’d be better to use chests for shards just work with me here)
Super Skill Die x 5: 750 gem value
Mega Skill Die x 5: 1000 gem value
Perfect Skill Die x 5: 1250 gem value
And you get limited edition stamps, sunken chests and keys.

In conclusion: yes.

Offer #3

Vanguard Greaves (T9 Boots)
Equinox Rod (T9 Wand)
Golden Fungi/Goldenstone (Wallpaper/Floor)

Refer to the impackt written about it before. Although the wand is no longer best-in-slot in most cases, the boots still are, and the wand is a nice craft still.


This wasn’t included in the original review: golden fungi/goldenstone in action.

Offer #4

Same stuff as in the regular Academy pack except 1,850 gems

Scholar is a pretty solid purchase – being able to create blank runestones is incredibly helpful, and if in future they add any more tiers this will become even more useful. The increase to merchant xp isn’t bad either.

Offer #5

Same stuff as the regular engineer pack except 2,000 gems instead and the +25% Merchant XP earned is a confirmed bug and is supposed to be the same 50% break chance reduction that is provided with the Engineer pack

Engineer’s reduction to item break chance helps you save a lot of repair kits (or gold if you have Royal Merchant) in the long run. Her weapons are pretty powerful as well.

Offer #6

Grand Tyrolean (T9 Rogue Hat)
Handcask ’65 (T9 Gun)
Folk Ark Print/Folk Art Tile (Wallpaper/Floor)

As with the Autumn one, refer to the previous impackt written before. Both of these items are still best-in-slot, the hat will likely be so for a fair amount of time, and they are great crafts.


This wasn’t included in the original review: Folk Art Print/Tile in action.

Secret Offer

50 Coins for every champion except Argon

You need to purchase all of the other 6 offers to see this one. Normally Polonia and Donovan coins can’t be purchased outside of Daily Special Offers, so give it some consideration. Argon got missed out cause I guess he isn’t cool any more.

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Hey! If i haven’t seen the wand+boots offer in my shop before, and don’t buy it during this offer, can i still get it as a rewind offer or not anymore?

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