Impackt: Black Friday 2021

How much are you willing to spend?

I’ll only be covering the packs that are new to this sale, you can find reviews for the Spooktober and Goodbye Summer packs on the impackt page.

Dungeon Explorer

Topaz Greaves (T7 Boots)
Topaz Greaves (T7 Boots)
160 DEF/10 Health
170 Iron/5 Jewels/4 Star Metal

Different in that it’s a tier 7 blueprint calling for a rare resource (that’s usually reserved for tier 8 and higher blueprints) the Topaz Greaves are a pretty formidable piece for your levelling fighters. They also have an interesting mastery milestone setup – there are 2 that increase its value by 1.25x (likely due to not needing a secondary resource reduction one.)

Jewel cost can be lowered to 4 with ascensions. Of course with them not using steel, can be tricky to fit in.

Ascended Hero

So personally I like this pack because the only thing I burn gems on these days is skill rolling and this is a lot of them for much cheaper than the usual rate (the dice alone are worth a combined 3,500 gems and then you get 100 shards and some chests/keys on top of that.)

However if you don’t really care for that, you might just view this as an obstacle in the way of the secret offer. I’d recommend buying it myself.

Black Friday Super Offer

To unlock this offer you need to own all 6 packs in the Black Friday sale.

Titan Crossbow (T11 Crossbow)
Titan Soul (yeah I know right)
5 Blossom of Power/Resistance/Vitality
5 x Bleak Chests and Keys
Titan Crossbow (T11 Crossbow)
680 ATK/21 HP
390 Wood/103 Ironwood/34 Jewels/1 Sigil of Grace/5 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

Riding on the slightly higher side for Wood blueprint cost (a feature of the crossbow lines due to their high damage etc), the Titan Crossbow doesn’t have anything really making it stand out for crafting. You can lower the jewel count to 27, though unfortunately the ascension for Grim Talon reduction only lowers it by 1.

From a meta perspective

The Titan Crossbow comes in as the definitive best crossbow (knocking out both the Nightwing Caster and the Leviathan, you could argue Leviathan already killed Nightwing.)

It’s a good weapon, and it’s definitely one you should consider running on your (needs to have marksman or crossbow mastery) Dancers and Tricksters. However, with how late it has arrived to the party the other Crossbow-wielding classes have better options available in the form of Dogbone Blaster and Moonlight Wand.

And if your Dancer doesn’t have a crossbow weapon skill, it also would be better using the Moonlight Wand instead.

Basically this is a print that would have been more suited for an earlier time in the T11 pack cycle.

Oh and you have to spend $25 to get it.
And all those other packs before it.

Final Score: 5/10 (for the crossbow)

Titan Soul

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Great I guess for players who struggle to clear tower, a chance for players who may have missed one to catch up1 and if you’re already on track, more souls for the soul machine.

I’ve asked if this is something that might happen again in future (the sale of Titan Souls.) I’ll update this post if I hear back on that.


Saves you a lot of seeds but not quite as many as I’d like.

Bleak Chests/Keys

You know, for more valuable bleakspire materials.

Scoring the pack is tricky as I’m unsure where to place a Titan Soul, but given they do allow you to make some pretty powerful heroes:

Final Score: 6/10

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