Impackt: Black Friday 2022

Capitalism ho!

As with last year we’ll only be covering the new content – you can find reviews for the retro arcade pack here and the gloves of rhythm here (some players were offered one of the summer packs which you can find here.)

Pack 1: Pizza Party Pack

Margherita Pizza (T6 Herbal Medicine Meal)
83 ATK/55 DEF
118 Herbs/29 Oil/6 Living Root/4 Elven Wood

Replaces the cheeseburger as the better low-tier meal option which works fine cause pizzas are better anyway, everyone knows that. You can remove most of the oil cost as well via ascension which makes it a pretty spammable print as well.

Imagine if you got 1 gem every time a customer used this.

As for the value of the opulent keys/chests that’s going to depend a bit on whether you need the blueprints or not – you can fuse the keys into more chests for gems on the market for example.

Overall not a bad pick-up, i’d base on whether or not you want the next milestone in the meal ascension track (with this pack it’s now possible to reach the common resource reduction milestone.)

Final Score: 7/10

Pack 2: Twinkling Coins Pack

This years obligatory “what random stuff can we throw in a pack” pack

This pack is going to be more useful for newer players as it’ll get them a good start on Argon/Sia/Yami as well some currency for the Antique Store and marks for the dragon hoard/furniture rushing.

For late-game players you may not exactly be thrilled with this offer – your champions likely won’t really benefit from the coins and that’s not a great rate of $ to marks/antique coins but if you want access to the secret offer, going to have to shell out I’m afraid. I mean hurray for Reinhold coins?

Final Score
New player:
Late-game player:

Pack 3: Reinhold’s Secret Offer

Note: to access this pack you need to buy all the other Black Friday offers that were shown to you.

Coconut Cream Cake (T12 Dessert)
118 DEF/118 HP
Airship Power: 732
404 Herbs/123 Oil/46 Ether/1 Sigil of True Spark/3 Crush Claw

From a crafting perspective

That’s running a little bit on the high side for Ether cost (though ascension can reduce it by 9 that’s still unpleasant) but it may give us an idea of what to expect from Dessert costs moving forwards from here. The mastery milestones are a bit underwhelming in that 2 of them are oil reduction (usually something covered in 1 milestone.)

For Dragon Invasion it’s not the worst but it doesn’t even break into the top 10 for accessories. At least it doesn’t have a precraft?

It’s also happened to pick a bad day to release as the new opulent blueprint is also herb-based and is a significantly more pleasant craft and didn’t ask for $$$ to get there.

From a meta perspective

The Conconut Cream Cake offers a hell of a lot of survival there with the 118 health and some defence thrown in for good measure. This will become the best-in-slot option for the tank classes who can wield it, works great on Grandmasters who want more survival and don’t need the affinity from Halo-Halo and it could make your Warlock survive longer too if they die a lot.

Tl;dr it’s great as an item for equipping, terrible for crafting.

The rest of the pack is pretty awesome – that’s a great amount of ascension shards and perfect dice for this price and an extra Titan Soul to boot.

Final Score: 9/10
But remember it costs to get there.

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You need to purchase all six packs from the first screenshot to be offered Reinhold’s Secret Offer.

It even says so in the text below the screenshot with the king:

Note: to access this pack you need to buy all the other Black Friday offers that were shown to you.

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