Impackt: Black Friday 2023

Surprise mechanics in store now!

As normal we’ll only be covering the new content. Your offers may look slightly different than above (for example if you don’t own all the premium workers) but they should contain the new blueprints.

Joyful Jester Pack!

A tier 8 that doesn’t use any rare resources and the iron is removed on the second mastery milestone. With it having 6% evasion the Jester Outfit is a solid pick for evasion-based heroes if you’re trying to cut corners on gear (as the evasion is always the same regardless of quality you can use it as break bait.)

Jam-packed Jurassic Pack!

From a crafting perspective

That’s an incredibly high base essence cost however via ascension and mastery it’s possible to remove it entirely. We’ve just had a load of metal blueprints recently from the Mecha Pack including another item that can be reduced to just iron/jewels however the T-Rex Buster has a much lower jewel count.

If you wanted a new option for metal crafting it’s worth considering if you didn’t pick up the Mecha pack/didn’t get the Plasma Saber from the Spacefarer Pass.

From a meta perspective

Ties with the Plasma Saber for attack so this is a choice of if you want health or defence more. For general use I’d not really consider swapping away, though Daimyo can at least make use of the dino affinity.

Blueprint Score: 8/10

If you buy all of the Black Friday offers you get access to a secret one

I’ll cover the blueprint first before I mention the new soul. Much like last year it’s a new high tier dessert:

Reinhold’s Secret Offer

From a crafting perspective

Another high essence cost blueprint though via ascension it’s possible to lower it to just 1. The precraft thankfully is removed at the 4th mastery milestone, after which this becomes a pretty damned cool option for your herb craft. Terrible for Dragon Invasion though, as is the fate of all desserts.

From a meta perspective

Eversweet Cornucopia is the new best-in-slot dessert, replacing the glazed mirror cake for offensive cake users. If you’re wanting a more survival-based option there’s still the Summer S’mores however Eversweet will generally work out better (it gives the same health and buffs damage, most dessert users are damage classes.)

Blueprint Score: 9/10

And now for the surprise new mechanic!

Champion Titan Soul

The Champion Titan soul is a new feature which allows you to raise the stats of your champions. This is a big step forwards in helping them stay alive in higher difficulty content such as Void Dimension Extreme and Tower of Terror.

To quote the text I got from the developers:

The Champion Titan Soul itself is a special variant of the Titan Soul. It can be used on any Champion to grant them a major stat boost! Upon upgrade, the Champion receives bonus stats equal to two rank-ups. In addition, all stats received from rank-ups (past and future) receive a 50% boost!

As an example, here’s the soul being used on a rank 11+30 Argon:

Whilst currently this pack is the only way to obtain a champion soul they will be available as a fusion recipe in the next content update. We’ve been warned that that recipe will be “tough” so I’d go in expecting the worst when it comes to cost and then be pleasantly surprised if it’s not :P.

That about wraps it up. Go forth and spend money (or not, it’s a free world.)

15 replies on “Impackt: Black Friday 2023”

Not buying it. Most of the packs are worthless, and leveling one champion isn’t worth $89. (I own the same set as your screenshot at the top.)

Not a lot of value for newer players, or those in the mid-game. The coin pack if you just want to speed things up. Is it worth investing for blueprints of tiers you can’t craft yet? I guess maybe if you’re going to invest into the late game.

It can be, depending on how much you like events. You know how workers will visit your shop and sell you items? Sometimes they’ll offer you items you own the blueprints for, but the worker isn’t levelled enough to craft yet. I got sold a lot of Plasma Swords back when I could still only reliably craft T7 and T8 and it let me punch *way* above my weight in Dragon Invasion.

I have the feeling the crafted champion titan soul will use a (or even a few) normal titan souls…
Still, I only will buy the last premium worker that I miss.

It’s sort of hilarious that on the day known for deep discounts, we get an item that costs more than anything else in the game.

Think I’ll just get the discounted premium worker and wait for the cornucopia to show up in one of Naya’s offers.

Would be nice to have a confrontation whit Last year Black Friday…

There was more workera availlable and whit a lot more gems on the table.

As said by others for new-mid gamers is a very poor choise…

We see the trend from Kabam on givin less every time.. and in an already “old” game is not always the best choise…

The King packs seems to be better than last year.

Unfortunately, the other packs are much worse for me. I’m not interested in Coin packs. The Joyful Jester pack is too expensive for me in comparison to its value. The same applies to the pack with the antique tokens. My Hemma pack has only one blueprint. The others have been replaced by dragonmarks and bungles, so that pack is also uninteresting to me. The King Pack is not worth it with that many uninteresting packs.

The Jam-packed Jurassic Pack is interesting to me.

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