Impackt: Bleakspire

You can skip the superior pack part

Bleakspire Charm (T13 Amulet)
Birdrunners (T8 Light Footwear)
Harpy Plushie (Indoor Decoration)
Cliffside Shelf (Wall Decoration)
Nesting Crown/Harpy Feather Pants (Avatar Items)


Helps fill a hole in the gear table for lower level heroes. Runs a bit high on the Ether side but the reduction for that is on the mastery track at least.

From a crafting perspective

Mildly ick precraft, though you can remove the quality requirement with the first ascension. There’s a jewel reduction node on the mastery track and is one of the better metal crafts we’ve had recently.

It also fares pretty well in DI (which is rare for an amulet) and should be in reasonably high demand once the bug is fixed (currently this item has an in-built air element. It’s meant to be air affinity instead and has been marked for fixing in an upcoming patch.)

From a meta perspective

Entering new ground with it being amulet that provides critical hit chance the Bleakspire Charm is an amazing option for the classes that can use it. This will work fantastically well on Grandmasters and Conquistadors and is very likely to not be surpassed for a long time.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Serial Quiller (T13 Dagger)
Harpy Flock(Wallpaper)
Nesting Grounds (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

A slightly higher than normal essence cost and no way to reduce the jewel cost.

I’ll level with you I ain’t got anything real positive to say on this front. We had a dagger in the Survival pack which is a much nicer craft or you could just craft the amulet from the mega pack.

From a meta perspective

Somewhere out there there’ll be an alternate dimension where this didn’t just release at the same time as a content pass dagger which kicks the crap out of it. Unfortunately for the Serial Quiller in this dimension it’s pretty much D.O.A:

  • Mercenary: has way better tank weapon options which offer more defence/health. If you were going damage mercenary for whatever weird reason you’d take The Final Death instead.
  • Trickster: could use the affinity from it however:
    • There is no shortage of affinity gear available to them.
    • This would be a massive damage loss compared to running something like the Somnus Boltcaster. Although you could swap to more offensive gearing (such as trading Dragonseeker Goggles for Wereboar Hood as you wouldn’t need the air affinity) it’s still a damage downgrade because daggers have pretty bad base attack values.
    • If you really wanted to run a dagger you could run The Final Death instead which would result in higher average damage.
  • Pathfinder: The Final Death exists.
  • Sensei: The Final Death exists (and matches their affinity.)
  • Acrobat: See Trickster.
  • Warlock: The Final Death exists (and matches their affinity.)


  • Disturbing harpie faces can be displayed to scare away customers
  • A wild critical amulet appears!
  • And quite possibly one of the worst superior packs known to humankind.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 0/10

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1. 0/10 wow , new record?
2. At least now we know spellknights also buff crit hit chance, in addition to attack, defense and health

So I ended up buying the Superior Pack because it was offered to me as part of the Flashback for the Ancient Gods and I really wanted to get the Hermes Sandals there and then instead of waiting for *that* pack to show up in another Flashback, and I discovered there is one edge use case for the Serial Quiller. It may be beaten by Final Death in almost every aspect, but it is worth more Favor during the King’s Caprice event. So there’s that. A good blueprint to set as many going as you can if you happen to roll daggers before bedtime.

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