Impackt: Buggy Beetle

Insect jokes bug us

Mega Pack

Chitinous Claws (T14 Gauntlets)
Bug Catcher’s Net (T6 Staff)
War Room Table (Indoor Decoration)
Butterfly Lantern (Wall Decoration)
Antennae/Bug Lover’s Vest (Avatar Items)


Currently comes with the earth enchant built in – unsure if this is a bug like last time it happened.

From a crafting perspective

It’s nice to see some wood/ether prints again (really happy to see something that isn’t iron to be honest.) There isn’t really anything to cover here – it’s your standard t14 craft affair. Not a terrible choice for DI if you missed out on some of the later t13 premium prints/don’t own Mundra.

From a meta perspective

A fantastic pair of gauntlets for tanks. The earth affinity on them is loved by mercenaries and these’ll likely be the best tank gauntlets for most of the tier. Note that if using them on chieftain/jarl you’ll need to compensate for losing the fire affinity of Dragonfang Fists.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Giant Moth Wings (T14 Cloak)
Hercules Horn (T14 Helm)
Bug Friends (Wallpaper)
Bug Buddies (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Although it has a lower baseline essence value than most t14’s the Hercules Horn does not have a way to reduce it any further so it ends up being slightly worse for essence cost overall. Fantastic for Dragon Invasion – if you enchant your gear for donating it’s the new best item for the Misc Armour slot (unless you have ascended Dragonfang Fists.)

From a Meta perspective

A heavy armor helmet that has attack as its dual stat tends to not have a wide use – most plate helmet wearers are more interested in staying alive. That being said, it works nicely for Daiymo and offence-based Death Knights.

From a crafting perspective

An unusual resource pairing for the cloak line (we’d have to go back to tier 11 for the last time we got a high tier cloak that was not leather/fabric.)

Outside of that it’s business as usual. Because it’s not a spell and doesn’t have an airship power milestone it isn’t fantastic for DI, though 10th for accessory isn’t terrible if you didn’t want to craft spells.

From a Meta perspective

A new best-in-slot option for the tanks that can wear cloaks and can also be used on pathfinders if you find them dying a bit too much for your liking. It’d be nice if we had an epic defence skill that covered cloaks and shields like the weapon ones cover multiple lines.



  • I think this pack is bugged, no metal blueprints.
  • New best-in-slot gauntlets and cloak.
  • Where’s our Praetorian pack Kabam?

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 7/10

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