Impackt: Bunbun’s

What, no chocolate?

Eggshell Smasher (T12 Mace)
Bunbun Lance (T5 Spear)
Bunbun’s House/Bunbun’s Clock (Decorations)
Easterly Dress Shirt/Chicksie Hat (Avatar Items)


Bunbun Lance (T5 Spear)
176 ATK/44 DEF
Affinity: Earth
71 Wood/18 Herbs/6 Precious Gems

I mean it’s a pointy carrot, what more can I say? :P A pleasant craft only calling for 2 t1 resources and not a bad choice for levelling spear wielders.

Eggshell Smasher (T12 Mace)
710 ATK/178 DEF
350 Iron/100 Steel/34 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Might/3 Zirconia Eggshells

Fun fact: the second T11 pack released contained a atk/def mace. Will T12 packs just be the same item that was released last year with higher stats?

From a crafting perspective

Eggshell Smasher breaks the usual convention for maces (it requires iron/steel/jewels instead of wood/ironwood/ether) which makes it a welcome addition to King’s Caprice crafts (cause it sucks hard when we have “all lines are wood”.)

Ascensions can bring the jewel count down to 27 and reduce the Zirconia to 2, making this an enjoyable craft for your metal slot.

From a meta perspective

Maces are used by quite a few classes so going to experiment with an idea here. Below is a list of mace-wielders and whether they should use this new mace or not:

  • Soldier/Mercenary: Yes, though swap to Gaia Maul if you need 110 Affinity.
  • Barbarian/Chieftain: Yes, new best-in-slot weapon.
  • Berserker/Jarl: Yes, new best-in-slot weapon (unless you have gun master, in which case go with dogbone.)
  • Cleric/Bishop: No, they have access to Adept/Wands.
  • Geomancer/Astramancer: No, they have access to Adept/Wands
  • Lords: Only if you have a very low affinity need. Usually Lords can use something like the Holy Night Lance which allows them to run dual-stat armour pieces that don’t have affinity – by being forced to drop one for a Celesteel piece for example, the loss they take from that is not countered out by the defence gain from Eggshell Smasher.


Avatar Items


Due to technical issues there won’t be many pictures at the moment, it will be fixed later today.

Bunbun Masquerade (T12 Rogue Hat)
Carrots n’ Eggs/Bunbun Garden (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Bunbun Masquerade (T12 Rogue Hat)
365 DEF/91 ATK
375 Iron/110 Steel/31 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Grace/2 Crush Claw

From a crafting perspective

Again breaking a usual material convention we have here an elaborate metal Rogue Hat. The milestones are quite interesting – the x2 quality milestone is the first one you unlock instead of being the last and we have 2 that reduce the Iron cost. None of them affect the Crush Claw but with it only calling for 2 it’d be a bit weird if there was.

A pretty good metal craft and I would consider it a better option than the mace from the mega pack, however you can’t go wrong picking either of them for your crafting slots.

From a meta perspective

The Bunbun Masquerade is a wonderful hat for trying to squeeze out more damage from your Rogue-types and is worth running on your heroes, however the Cat Burglar Hood should not be forgotten as an option either for that spot as the health from it may prove to be more useful to you than the damage from bunbun.

Think of it like this:

  • Already using Cat Burglar Hood? No real urgency/reason to swap
  • Not using Cat/want more pew pew? Embrace the Bunny.

Bunbun will also be made the recommended hat for rogues on the best-in-slot sheets.



  • Bunbun Lance can add some carrots into your diet.
  • Eggshell Smasher is the closest we’re going to get to an Easter Egg mace :-( but it’s a pretty cool addition.
  • Invite the Easter bunny around for tea.
  • And you can dress up for the occasion.
  • But he might be a bit creeped out if you’re wearing a metallic bunny skull

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

There will be a chance to win this pack (and the superior) on Thursday 7th April. Keep an eye on the site that day for updates.

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