Impackt: Camping

Let’s go camping — try not to s’more.

Ranger’s Multitool (T13 Dagger)
Survival Strap (T8 Ring)
Camping Kit/Fishing Gear (Outdoor Decorations)
Fishing Vest/Fisherman’s Hat (Avatar Items)


A low/mid tier ring that forgoes the usual metal requirements and instead uses leather/fabric/ether. Nothing else worth noting.

From a crafting perspective

As we’ve touched on before any metal craft item this tier is going to be in trouble due to Plasma Saber existing. The Ranger’s Multitool doesn’t have anything special or amazing going for it – whilst it’s slightly better than crafting the baseline t13 dagger (as it has a -1 essence reduction ascension) and has a reasonable jewel reduction it’s not amazing.

Fairly subpar for Dragon Invasion as well.

From a meta perspective

No. With its shockingly low attack value there are only a very few limited scenarios where Ranger’s Multitool is ever worth considering, for example Trickster/Acrobat with Warlord. That’s about it.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Camper’s Compass (T13 Gloves)
Summer S’mores (T13 Dessert)
Wildwoods/Beaten Path (Wallpaper/Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Camper’s Compass is a very nice option for your leather slot. The essence reduction is on the mastery track (and it’s the second milestone meaning you can get it early) and has a reasonable jewel cost which can be dropped further with its 1st ascension by 8.

It just squeaks into 10th for its DI category which (whilst not bad) does leave it a little lacking compared to alternatives, but it’s still a fair choice for crafting.

From a meta perspective

A great defensive option for the glove wearing classes, the Camper’s Compass take the spot as the recommended best glove option presuming the class isn’t using something for affinity in that slot – the biggest letdown of this pack is all items having 0 affinity.

From a crafting perspective

Although it runs slightly higher on the essence side the Summer S’mores does have the advantage of not using Ether at least. The milestones are quite lackluster this time around – 1 mastery and 1 ascension milestone give a -1 to the outsider claw used, leaving the blueprint lacking in any ways to reduce the herb cost.

It’s not terrible but we’ve definitely got better options for herb crafting (see: Tiara of Tides.)

From a meta perspective

  • Chieftain – works quite well for them if you need to tweak your health/defence ratio a bit (so use Satchel of Essentials if needing more defence, Summer S’mores if needing more health.)
  • Jarl– same as Chieftain.
  • Pathfinder – great but the slot is currently used for affinity. If you want to run it you’ll need to gain that somewhere else (like swapping the shoes for Wildhunt Sandals.)
  • Warlock – only if they keep dying on you.
  • Astramancer – only if they keep dying on you.


  • Back to the usual non-exciting lower tier
  • Quite possibly the worst megapack in a long time
  • Some fancy new gloves for keeping you alive/helping you stay on track.
  • Celebrate with S’mores.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 1/10
Superior Pack: 6/10

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