Impackt: Cat’s Luck

You’ve got to be kitten me

Cat Burglar Outfit (T11 Light Armor)
Cat Burglar Claws (T7 Gloves)
Fat Cat Lap/Fishy Table (Decoration)
Kitty Onesie Hood/Kitty Onesie (Avatar Items)


Cat Burglar Claws (T7 Gloves)
115 DEF/29 ATK
155 Leather/39 Fabric/5 Bronze Fang/2 Thief’s Gloves

It’s our old friend Captain Precraft and they’re back to haunt the lower tier recipe once more. It’s possible to lower the amount required to 1 via the mastery milestones and it only calls for normal quality (it’s also thematically appropriate.)

As for actual combat use – limited as it has to compete against patchleather. Potentially useful for leveling sorcerer/geomancer.

Cat Burglar Outfit (T11 Light Armor)
300 DEF/5% Evasion
354 Leather/103 Fabric/25 Ether/1 Sigil of Grace/3 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

Returning to a more standard resource requirement this time we have a standard high tier leather craft. With ascensions the Ether cost can be lowered to 20 which, whilst not the lowest we’ve seen, is still a pretty good reduction.

From a meta perspective

Unexpected plot twist: Evasion on an item type that’s never had it before

What does this mean for the light armor slot? Well firstly we have a definitive best-in-slot option now, meaning we can say farewell to both Cloudwalker Armor1and Barkback’s Armor2.

Cat Burglar Outfit3opens the door to build flexibility. It makes it a lot easier for heroes to hit the evasion cap so rolling something like Acrobatics (20% evasion) instead of Blurred Movement (25% evasion) is potentially no longer an issue. It can also mean being able to drop Lion enchants from your gear and swapping to Lizard instead to improve your hero’s survivability.

This flexibility can also be used to create a significant jump in power for heroes. For example, a solo Pathfinder could swap Antimagic Net (100% Atk 10% Eva) for Curse (120% Atk 5% Eva) and gain far more damage than they would from using Barkback. Or Swap out Cloak & Dagger (80% Def 5% eva) for Juggernaut (60% Def 25% HP) and become much tankier than they would using Cloudwalker instead.

That’s not to say there won’t be cases where CBO isn’t the best option – if a hero is unable to capitalise on that extra 5% evasion or Cloudwalker would push them just over a survival breakpoint then it may not be the optimal choice but for the vast majority of cases it will be, and if Bunbun Buckler is anything to go by expect it to be around for a long time.

Side note: It’s slightly concerning that we’ve had 2 T11 Light Armors released back-to-back. Barkback has only been out 2 weeks and CBO has arrived ready to take its place.


There are two new indoor decorations. Neither of them are animated.

I mean not much to say, it’s a fish table and a cat chair. Would have been nice to have a cat skin like how we had an Ox one for Lunar New Year.

Avatar Items

We have a kitty onesie and kitty onesie hood.

You can change the outer and inner colours on the onesie. On the hood you can change the colour of the cat part.

Superior Pack

Cat Burglar Hood (T11 Rogue Hat)
Cat Paw Print/Fishy Trophy (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Cat Burglar Hood (T11 Rogue Hat)
300 DEF/19 HP
354 Leather/103 Fabric/25 Ether/1 Sigil of Grace/1 Night Cowl (Superior)

From a crafting perspective

This pack uses more leather than a dominatrix’s dungeon. As with yesterday’s CBO the Ether cost can be lowered to 20 via Ascension. Whilst it’s unfortunately not possible to remove the Night Cowl precraft, though it can be lowered to only require normal quality via mastery – no shards required.

From a meta perspective

With its high defence value and good amount of health Cat Burglar Hood takes it place as the new best-in-slot option for the Rogue Hat slot (so we bid a fond farewell to Republic Coiffe4.

The defence increase alone makes it worth swapping to over Coiffe and as I’ve touched on before health on a Rogue is incredibly good. In combination with the CBO Green-types have received a reasonably high jump in strength with this pack5, it should make clearing things like Tower of Titans much smoother.



  • Cat Burglar Claws has a precraft and is of limited use
  • Cat Burglar Outfit is the new best-in-slot Light Armor6and is pretty awesome
  • Cat Burglar Hood is the new best-in-slot Rogue Hat and you can tell they clearly gave up trying to name stuff uniquely.
  • Retheme your shop with a couple of decorations, one of which is a bit fishy.
  • Cosplay has arrived to the Kingdom, now we can all be cats.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. 7.08 Swan’s Edges
  2. 0.58 Swan’s Edges/1 Barkback’s Armor
  3. CBO for short
  4. 7.63 Swan’s Edges/13.07 Barkback’s Armor
  5. except monk, cause they wear neither light armor or rogue hats
  6. Rest in Peace Barkback’s

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Having two light armors so close together makes me feel like I wasted money. Its really disappointing the way they release packs/armor types.

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