Impackt: Celtic Attire

I know we said green is good but come on

Cu Chulainn’s Lance (T6 Spear)
Milesian Mail (T10 Heavy Armor)
Fabled Sword/Shamrock Boot (Decorations)
Milesian Vestments/Lucky Horseshoe (Avatar items)


Cu Chulainn’s Lance (T6 Spear)
240 ATK/5% Crit Chance
127 Wood/33 Ironwood/32 Leather
4 White Sand/4 Living Root

A new spear for your levelling heroes. It has similar costs to its Tier 5 brother Warlord Halberd, using the same components and they both give crit. Though Spears could already reach max ascension, this helps for players who missed some of the earlier packs, or for those just doing it now as they have a cheaper option.

Milesian Mail (T10 Heavy Armor)
245 Defense/15 Health
306 Iron/87 Steel/25 Jewels
4 Deep Coral/3 Chronos Crystals

From a crafting perspective: A bit expensive on the Jewel side (though ascension lowers this to 20) and we’ve got components from Sunken and Chronos being used. It’s not a bad option for your crafting slot, but we’ve had much better (see: Oxen Impact for example.)

From a meta perspective: Farewell Star-Spangled Plate1, we’ve got a cooler looking option with higher stats to boot. It’s a nice upgrade from Star, though slightly surprising in only having 245 Defense (this makes it equal to all other T10 Heavy Armors, generally late packs in a tier go above these numbers.)

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I can say about it. Nice clean upgrade, no precraft, looks cool.


There is one indoor decoration and one outdoor decoration in this pack.

Taken against a neutral background
Taken against a neutral foreground

The little glowy fairy orb thing on the fabled sword flies around it. It’s pretty cool.

Avatar Items

There is a new top for your shopkeeper

The top and the kilt can be colour changed.

The Lucky Horseshoe is an accessory for your shopkeeper. Here it is in action:

Superior Offer

Druidic Grimoire (T10 Spell)
Shamrock Field/Milesian Motif (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Druidic Grimoire (T10 Spell)
730 Attack/23 Health
306 Herbs/87 Oil/25 Ether
2 Noble Ring (Superior)/3 Crystal Lullaby

From a crafting perspective: You can reduce the Ether cost to 20 with ascensions, however it’s time for another round of:

It has a precraft
That precraft has a quality requirement
You can’t ascend/master to remove the precraft, only reduce amount
The precraft item has a precraft (though this time, the precraft requirement on the precraft can be removed via ascension)
In summary: no

From a meta perspective: the grimoire is a pretty good spell, though it is close enough in damage to the Prayer Book that we have a situational decision to make.

Which one is best for your hero is going to ultimately come down to what skills you have on them – if you’re lacking in health skills, this spell will be a winner hands down. On the other hand, if you have skills such as Sturdy (+40% Health), you will likely see better results by staying with Prayer Book.

Of course if you’re building heroes to take advantage of the new champion Hemma then you want this just for the extra numbers she’ll gain.

Bottom line: If in doubt, go with whichever is cheapest


This is the Shamrock Field/Milesian Motif in action.


  • Cu Chulainn’s Lance is a nice small upgrade from Warlord’s Halberd
  • Milesian Mail is the new best-in-slot Heavy Armor, and looks cool
  • Druidic Grimoire is a nice spell, but situational and heavy craft costs
  • The Fabled Sword decoration is animated
  • Colourful top and one horseshoe for your merchant. Wonder where the other 3 are.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 3/10

  1. 10.5 Swan’s Edges!

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