Impackt: Champions Clash Mega

Lilu and Sia “clash”

Owl Cowl (T6 Magician Hat)
Swan’s Edge (T10 Dagger)
Pollux Seat/Dazzling Vanity (Decorations)
Lilu’s Staff/Sia’s Circlet (Avatar items)


Owl Cowl (T6 Magician Hat)
105 DEF/7 HP
113 Leather/28 Herbs/29 Fabric
3 Moon Crystals/4 Glow Shrooms

Apart from looking pretty cool/scary, this is a good item for levelling spellcasters. It’s not *great* with the weird triple spread of resources for crafting though, and the Magician Hat line could already hit max ascension stars.

Swan’s Edge (T10 Dagger)
440 ATK/5% Crit
275 Iron/79 Steel/20 Jewels
5 Deep Coral

From a crafting perspective: Usually the main thing daggers have going for them is the lack of rare resource as that’s generally your bottleneck. This unfortunately uses jewels, 5 deep coral and ascensions aren’t great – there are many better options for your metal craft line (example: Caladbolg.)

From a meta perspective: This is generally not an upgrade for most of the heroes that can wear it – Wanderer/Thief/Dancers have access to either Nightwing or Handcask and Soldiers really shouldn’t be building crit. Sorcerer could possibly make use if built for crit, however that’s a steep drop compared to wand damage and they don’t have access to Warlord.

You could consider it on a Ninja if you didn’t want the survival stats from the pack swords as they just want to crit fast to get the fight over with.


There are 2 new items for inside your shop.

Picture taken against a neutral background
Those eyes are haunting

A new hat for your merchant. The colour of the jewels on the circlet can be changed. As for the staff, I’ve recorded a video of its animation:

Superior Pack

Owl Wing Wand (T7 Wand)
Swan’s Garment (T10 Light Armor)
Jeweled Step (Floor)
Kern’s Jewel (Wallpaper)

Two items again, though this time not both of them are max tier

Owl Wing Wand (T7 Wand)
350 ATK/11 HP
155 Wood/39 Ironwood/10 Steel
5 Evil Eye

So although Wands could already be ascended to hit their final milestone, this offers a more palatable alternative over having to ascend the base t10 one. It provides good stats for its level range as well, though it does fall in the weird 3 x resource area.

Swan’s Garment
235 DEF/59 ATK
306 Leather/87 Fabric/19 Ether
3 Precious Shell/5 Silk Scarab

From a crafting perspective: this is the new best item for your leather slot if you want to craft t10’s – with ascensions you can reduce the Ether cost to 15 and it’ll only take 3 Precious Shell/4 Silk Scarabs.

From a meta perspective: it’s a flat upgrade from the Smith’s Attire and definitely more of a noticeable one than has been seen in previous packs. If you already have high quality Smith Attires on your heroes/largely do full groups then you don’t need to rush, but if it’s a new hero or you’re looking to solo/duo you definitely want to pick this up.

I mean you could pick it up for group play heroes too, just beware of the cost new meta items can go for.


This is Jeweled Step/Kern’s Jewel in action.


  • Owl Cowl is a nice hat for leveling your casters but not amazing to craft
  • Swan’s Edge is not a good craft, nor will it beat most alternatives available right now.
  • Pollux died and got converted into a wand which is nice for leveling and cheaper ascension fodder.
  • Swan’s Garment is the new bis full stop for light armor and is a decent upgrade from Smith’s Attire.
  • We’ve gone back to static furniture once more, though granted it’d be awkward to animate those items
  • The avatar items are pretty cool, especially the animation for the staff.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 3/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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