Impackt: Checkmate

Rook no further

Onyx King Helm (T12 Helmet)
Ivory Queen Crown (T7 Magician Hat)
Pawn/Rook/Knight/Bishop/Queen/King (Decorations)


Ivory Queen Crown (T7 Magician Hat)
125 DEF/8 HP
Affinity: Light
140 Iron/35 Steel/3 Silk Scarab/3 Moon Crystal

Unusual for the Magician Hat line the Ivory Queen Crown uses Iron/Steel as its materials – this brings a bit of flexibility in King’s Caprice if we’re having an all-leather line hour. There’s not exactly a shortage of low tier magician hats, though the light affinity makes it great for a levelling cleric.

Onyx King Helm (T12 Helmet)
103 ATK/410 DEF
Affinity: Dark/Airship Power: 574
387 Iron/113 Steel/41 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Might/3 Raw Obsidian

From a crafting perspective

The Onyx King Helm has decided to be very polite and has its jewel reduction milestone on the mastery track, meaning you don’t need to ascend it to reduce it to 31. That does come with the trade-off though that its ascension track is pretty underwhelming – for the low price of 160 ascension shards you can reduce the component cost by 2. Hurray.

With an airship power of 574 it’s the third best item to use for the misc armour slot in Dragon Invasion (and if you were to use dark enchants it rises further thanks to the affinity) so if you didn’t pick up the Dragonseeker Goggles it’s worth considering.

From a meta perspective

It’s the new best helmet for Samurai (I know right 2 packs in a row that contained a samurai upgrade, I’m in shock too) and has its place on damage chieftains and for spellknights (and spellknight can actually take advantage of the dark affinity.)

Wouldn’t rush to use it on Lords though (they should stick with Cupid’s Heaume.)


You can buy the alternate colour for 10k gold on each piece.


Onyx King Axe (T12 Axe)
Ivory Queen Rod (T12 Wand)
Chessboard/Chessboard Tile (Floor Decoration)
Chess Wall (Wallpaper)


Onyx King Axe (T12 Axe)
690 ATK/21 HP
Affinity: Dark/Airship Power: 657
370 Iron/50 Steel/41 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Might/3 Raw Obsidian

From a crafting perspective

In your mind just copy/paste what I wrote about the helmet regarding milestones.

An axe that uses metal is (as with the magician hat) a nice alternative for caprice crafting. Very low requirement there on the uncommon resource cost as well.

From a meta perspective


Ivory Queen Rod (T12 Wand)
880 ATK/220 Defense
Affinity: Light
Airship Power: 968
349 Iron/102 Steel/41 Ether/1 Sigil of True Spark/3 Zirconia Eggshell

From a crafting perspective

Today Kabam decided to see how many iron line items they could squeeze into a pack.

An axe wand that uses metal is (as with the magician hat) a nice alternative for caprice crafting.

The milestones are more of the standard affair with the rare resource reduction being an ascension instead of mastery. It’s also the second best weapon for Dragon Invasion.

From a meta perspective

With it offering a solid 220 defence alongside its formidable attack the Ivory Queen Rod takes its place as the best-in-slot wand (exception: warlocks should stay with herald for the dark affinity.)

Bishops in particular are thrilled by this and also frees up some equipment options for them whilst still hitting 170 element – a very welcome addition.


No flooring this time – instead it’s a do-it-yourself buy repeated copies of this tile to make your own chessboard.


  • Metal items everywhere
  • Onyx King Helm is a nice upgrade for damage-dealing tanks
  • Ivory Queen Rod is the new best wand

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 7/10

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