Impackt: Chronos Ruins


Eternal Hourglass (T12 Amulet)
Chronos Runeblade (T7 Sword)
Cyclops Plushie/Chronos Carpet (Decorations)
Imperator Outfit/Cyclops Eye (Avatar Items)


A T7 print that only uses 2 materials which also happen to pair nicely is a welcome addition. Stat-wise it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table – most of that level range already has good weapon options.

From a crafting perspective

It has a hella-long base crafting time which can be reduced by 3 time reduction milestones on its mastery track. Whilst this is a fun/flavourful thing for the Eternal Hourglass that has come at the price of no component reduction/primary resource reduction options making this not a great option for the herb crafting slot.

From a meta perspective

With its earth affinity the Eternal Hourglass is incredibly beloved by Archdruids and Pathfinders with it being a flat upgrade from Forlorn Acorn. As an overall choice for your amulet slot it’s a pretty good one, though you may prefer not to lose the health from Gamepad Mini.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Lost Warrior’s Plate (T12 Heavy Armor)
Chronos Bricks/Cyclops Print (Flooring/Wallpaper)


From a crafting perspective

An unusual crafting option here as the Lost Warrior’s Plate doesn’t require any rare resources. Whilst this can make it a bit tricky to fit in (as it’ll be draining from your herb count) the savings made on not using jewels/ether make it a very strong contender for crafting nonetheless.

Standard milestone setup here – it would have been cool if there was a way to lower the herb count with them but that would also have been pretty imbalanced :P. It’s also amazing for Dragon Invasion crafting for the armour spot.

From a meta perspective

Critical Hit Chance on a Heavy Armor is new territory for ST. This is a fantastic item for any crit-based Spellblades/Spellknights (as they can also take advantage of the earth affinity) and also good for Samurai/Daimyo not using a turn-1 hit build and crit-berserkers (though for zerkers you will need to equip a vermilion piece to keep up with fire affinity.)

Keep this away from knights though and other red-types that you’re using to tank, they have much better options.


  • Eternal Hourglass takes an eternity to craft before you get its many time-reduction milestones and takes the best amulet spot for Archdruids/Pathfinders.
  • Lost Warrior’s Plate opens some interesting gear choices on crit-based tanks and Spellknights and is great for Dragon Invasion points.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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