Impackt: Cinco de Mayo 2

Attack of the precrafts

Zesty Granita (T6 Potion)
Pinata Hunter (T11 Bow)
Mega Pinata/Cactus Rug (Decorations)
Huaraches de Mayo/China Poblana Dress (Avatar Items)


Zesty Granita (T6 Potion)
60 DEF/30 HP
127 Herbs/33 Oil
5 White Sand/1 Warm Tea (Superior)

Potions are trying to catch up with maces for the “year of the X” title 2021. It (like its brothers in the Herbal Medicine line) manages to avoid the T6 curse of requiring 3 different resources (by instead having a precraft! However this precraft is removed during the mastery of the item) and gives a good amount of defense. A great option for your leveling heroes, and does mean it’s slightly cheaper to ascend the potion line to 51.

Pinata Hunter (T11 Bow)
600 ATK/5% Critical Strike Chance
354 Wood/103 Ironwood/24 Ether
1 Sigil of Grace/1 Yumi (T8 Bow)

From a crafting perspective: Similar to the Gaia Maul from the previous pack (though different from the normal bow costs) we’re looking at a wood/ether pairing and the Ether amount can again be dropped to 17 with ascensions. However, instead of requiring dungeon components directly, Kabam have decided to mix it up a bit.

Essentially what we have here is an item with:

  • A pre-fuse (sigil)
    • That requires a flawless T6+ item (cost of fusing sigil)
  • With another precraft (Yumi)
    • That also has a precraft (Oak Staff)
    • And the Oak Staff needs to be superior quality

Now it should be noted that you can spend 120 ascension shards to remove the Yumi requirement (and if you’re already spending 60 to lower the ether cost, what’s another 60 on top of that?1)

If you do go that route it’s a pretty fair crafting option – it comes down to how much you value your ascension shards. I would not recommend this as an item for your crafting rotation unless you are willing to ascend.

From a meta perspective: Continuing with the theme of things being mixed up a bit we have critical strike chance on a high tier bow (usually this stat is found in the dagger line.)

This is a promising sign – it opens up more build options and helps keep things fresh (so we don’t just see new item has attack, new item has hp, new item has attack, repeat ad infinitum.) It also allows item lines to stay viable when they’re facing down blueprints from the premium worker lines2.

With its formidable attack stat Pinata Hunter is a good contender for your weapon slot (also means we say farewell to Jolly Ranger3.) Dancers/Acrobats in particular will find this a fun weapon to use, more so in groups but also a solid choice for solo.

Disclaimer: this weapon’s lifespan is based entirely on how long it takes us to get another high tier crossbow. I mean it’s already having some struggles against Leviathan.


Two indoor decorations this pack – the mega pinata and a new rug.

Taken against a neutral background

Alas, the pinata is not animated. The Cactus Rug is vibrant though.

Avatar Items

We have a new top and a new pair of shoes. Due to how long the top is, going to have to split this over multiple pictures.

On the top you can change the colour of the skirt and the colour of the sash. For the shoes you can change the colour for the entire pair.

Superior Pack

Rogue Sombrero (T11 Rogue Hat)
Flor de Mayo/Maracas de Mayo (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Rogue Sombrero (T11 Rogue Hat)
290 DEF/73 ATK
338 Leather/98 Fabric/23 Ether/1 Sigil of Grace/4 Precious Shell

From a crafting perspective: this is a reasonable craft for your T11 leather slot. The Ether cost when ascended drops to 18, mirroring the baseline T11 rogue hats (cause if there’s one thing the pack items this tier love so far it’s being near identical to their base partners.) Slightly unusual ascension milestone in that instead of reducing the component cost we have a 20% reduction in time to craft instead (except that’s also what the baseline rogue hat has4

This kind of crafting cost is why items that are unorthodox pairings (like yesterday’s Pinata Hunter) can be difficult to work into a rotation – by having a normally requiring jewels item in your queue, it forces compromise elsewhere (like having to find a herb/jewel craft for example that’s also actually relevant.)

From a meta perspective: whilst it looks colourful and is fair on the craft front, it unfortunately doesn’t do a lot for the rogue hat gang. Republic Coiffe will still be the better option in the majority of scenarios as the extra health will have a much better effect on your heroes (more so given how hard Bleakspire monsters hit for.)

If you have a Sensei that’s chasing the hero power leaderboard this is a great pickup, and a hero focused entirely on damage with absolutely no care for its own survival can make use of it – just expect them to die more than they would if you had given it a coiffe instead.


This is the Flor de Mayo/Maracas de Mayo in action.


  • Zesty Granita is Kabam Richard’s second attempt to get an item named after him.
  • Pinata Hunter is the new best-in-slot bow, though with a questionable crafting cost.
  • Rogue Sombrero is colourful and a pleasant craft but not a game changer.
  • A pinata which you can’t actually hit and a mildly colorful rug for your floor.
  • The tailoring department is on point with that top though.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 5/10

  1. Well, $17.94 I guess, cost of buying the shards required from the store. $34.93 if you were to buy all 120. All prices are in USD.
  2. fingers crossed Staff gets something great soon. No, Staff of Merriment does not count.
  3. 5.83 Swan’s Edges
  4. the copy/paste is unreal.

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