Impackt: Cinco de Mayo 3

How many times can we recycle a pack title

Stylish Poncho (T12 Light Armor)
Trinket of the Fifth (T6 Amulet)
King Corn’s Table/Papi Cactee & Family (Decorations)
Cactus Onesie/Maracas (Avatar Items)


Trinket of the Fifth (T6 Amulet)
115 DEF/8 HP
79 Wood/28 Herbs/19 Ironwood/4 White Sand/2 Living Roots

Unusual crafting costs for an amulet though it has an ascension milestone that will remove most of the herb requirement. Not a bad amulet either for levelling heroes (it’d be nice if accessories were displayed on heroes.)

Stylish Poncho (T12 Light Armor)
365 DEF/23 HP
387 Leather/113 Fabric/31 Ether/1 Sigil of True Grace/2 Magma Core

From a crafting perspective

Nothing too out of the normal here for a light armor craft – milestones are in a bit of a different order than expected (the time reduction one for example is the first ascension milestone instead of the first mastery one.) You can drop the fabric cost by a fair amount as well, though the component cost is running a bit on the expensive side (almost makes you long for the Precious Shell days again.) Worth considering for your rotation if you’re looking for a new leather item.

From a meta perspective

Unless you require the 5% evasion granted by Cat Burglar’s Outfit the Stylish Poncho should be considered your go-to choice for the light armor slot. The survivability increase it offers with its respectable health bonus will be a welcome bonus to your heroes lifespans and given how hard mobs are starting to hit now in quest areas such as the new LCoG difficulty, whilst I would not consider it essential it’s definitely very helpful.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Gloves of Rhythm (T12 Gloves)
Puebla Tiles/Huipil Style (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Gloves of Rhythm (T12 Gloves)
300 DEF/75 ATK
380 Iron/100 Steel/40 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Grace/2 Magma Core

From a crafting perspective

When it comes to the higher tier blueprints and we look at King’s Caprice anything that has non-standard requirements for its item line tends to be welcome – in the case of Gloves of Rhythm for example it’ll help somewhat if/when (let’s be real it’s a when not a if) we get an “all leather” hour.

Like the poncho the gloves call for 2 Magma Cores which is kind of unfortunate and the jewel cost, whilst not fantastic, is in-line with the other T12 glove blueprints.

From a meta perspective

It has been a very long time since we last got a glove blueprint that gave bonus attack (we’d have to go all the way back to the Fortune pack released in early 2021.)

As for whether it’s worth using or not, we come to a similar situation as we did with the Bunbun Masquerade in that whilst it’s a nice item it’s not enough of a difference to justify swapping from Nightwing Vambraces if you’re already using them. Furthermore it lacks an affinity and the survival difference will be more noticeable here (the defence increase isn’t as large.) If you feel the extra damage might do more for you than the survival then by all means give it a spin but in general: can safely pass on it.



  • They’ve not ran out of times to give “of the fifth” to for a name.
  • The Stylish Poncho is both stylish and a new best-in-slot.
  • Gloves of Rhythm just don’t really have any rhythm.
  • Add the corn king to your shop.
  • And dress up as a cactus. Handy disguise for hanging out in the desert.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 5/10

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