Impackt: Cinderlake

Has anyone seen my ring? I lent it to a short person about Snype’s height.

Moltin’ Crabcracker (T13 Axe)
Ashkickers (T6 Heavy Footwear)
Cinderlake Volcano/Crushy Plushie (Outdoor/Indoor Decorations)
Crab Beanie/Crabby Mittens (Avatar Items)


You can remove the element requirement with the first ascension and it has 2 gold value milestones on its reward track. An all-round solid tier 6 item (and way better than the low tier blueprint in the last pack.)

From a crafting perspective

Moltin’ Crabcracker is an interesting blueprint – it is rare for a weapon to use herbs/oil for its material costs and even rarer for it to be a high tier blueprint, which makes it a great craft during caprice when its a weapon-only hour. Apart from that it’s your standard herb/oil/essence item and a reasonable choice for your crafting rotation

From a meta perspective

Axes traditionally fall short when it comes to their attack value and the Moltin’ Crabcracker unfortunately keeps that theme going (making it unappealing to Spellblades and Wanderers, though if you have Warlord on your Wanderer this is your new best option.)

All is not lost though as it is the new best weapon for Chieftains and it can also be utilised by Berserkers – whilst it’s a lot lower damage than their alternatives it allows you to trade out either the heavy armour or helmet slot for a better item (swapping from vermillion helm to thorn baron for example.)


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Very Hot Pot (T13 Meal)
Crushtacean Print/Floor is Lava (Wallpaper/Flooring)


We know right a current max tier premium meal. Nearly fainted in shock.

From a crafting perspective

Nothing super unusual here. It runs a little light on the Ether side which is nice but outside of that it’s your standard meal setup. Deciding whether to craft it over the Axe comes down to which resource you find more annoying to keep stocked, Oil or Ether.

And with it being a meal it’s incredibly awful for Dragon Invasion.

From a meta perspective

  • Soldier – no, they need the affinity in that slot currently and are a defensive tank rather than an offensive one.
  • Chieftain – can make use of it when running a damage setup on them. It also allows you to swap out the Vermilion Guard Might for either Tyrant Fists for more health or Power Gauntlet for more damage.
  • Warden – stick with Satchel of Essentials unless you’re using a marksman build on them.
  • Daimyo – no, they need the affinity from Pot of Paella and that has better synergy for them (as it also boosts Kraken.)
  • Conquistador – worth using on them. You can use the affinity here to trade the footwear slot to either more damage or more defence/health depending on how you want to build it.
  • Pathfinder – no, they have better options already for damage (Sandman’s Pouch) or survival (Coastal Towel.)
  • Sensei – no, they have better offensive options and you don’t really want to run a lot of defence stuff on them.
  • Archdruid – a good option for them. You can use it in place of Slide Grease if you find you need more defence instead of health (and Archdruids don’t normally struggle to have high hp.)


  • I really liked that ring
  • Punish the Ancient Crushtacean by hitting them with the limbs of their children.
  • Still shocked we got a max tier premium meal.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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