Impackt: Cursed King

Shadows in Valdora? Say it ain’t so!

Mega Pack

Cursed King’s Aegis (T14 Shield)
Bitterblack Blade (T7 Sword)
War Room Table/Cursed King’s Throne (Indoor Decorations)
Cursed King’s Crown/Time Traveler’s Hat (Avatar Items)


Nothing worth noting.

From a crafting perspective

Oh hey there metal crafts it’s been a while.

What’s nice about the Cursed King’s Aegis is that the -2 essence reduction we’ve come to expect from T14 prints is already baked in from the get go – instead it has an airship power increase on the mastery track because sure why not. Whilst it does allow it to reach #10 in the accessory category for DI it still gets smoked by spells.

From a meta perspective

A solid tanking shield that will replace the CM-73 everywhere where you can afford to take the affinity hit. This likely won’t be replaced any time soon (barring them releasing another +def/+hp shield) so it’s a good pick for upgrading with a long term view in mind.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Cursed King’s Plate (T14 Heavy Armor)
Cursed Quarters (Wallpaper)
Cursed Banner (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

You know if you’ve ran out of ideas for crafts Kabam and are just going to spam metal maybe you could outsource to the community? Pretty sure we can think of some items that wouldn’t use bloody iron again.

It’s your standard T14 craft. Only thing of note is that it’s the rank 1 spot in Dragon Invasion for the armour slot (and if you’re thinking “didn’t you write that last time Rei?” that’s cause this replaced the item from the previous pack as best chest.)

From a Meta perspective

A heavy armor that has attack as its dual stat tends to not have a wide use – most plate wearers are more interested in staying alive. That being said, it works nicely for Daiymo and offence-based Death Knights.



  • Kabam forgot other resources exist.
  • New best-in-slot shield which looks pretty cool.
  • Entire pack looks pretty cool to be honest.
  • Next pack is going to be a Praetorian one yeah? *crosses fingers*

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 6/10

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I must admit I wasn’t expecting Chronomancer’s Robes to be dethroned for Dragon Invasion quite so quickly… now I have 40 of them enchanted that I’ll have to actually try to sell to customers.

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