Impackt: Dog’s Fortune


Canid Plate (T11 Heavy Armor)
Canid Paws (T6 Heavy Footwear)
Doghouse Bed/Doghouse Paw Table (Decorations)
Doggy Onesie Hood/Dog Onesie (Avatar Items)


Canid Paws (T6 Heavy Footwear)
125 DEF/31 ATK
113 Iron/29 Steel/6 Rustwyrm Scale

2021 is trying to make a late entry for year of the Heavy Footwear. Whilst at a quick glance you might think there’s nothing about the Canid Paws that makes them really stand out they do have an interesting mastery track – it has the 1.25x value milestone twice instead of having a secondary resource reduction.

Can’t guarantee that’s intended though, we’ve seen weirder stuff before and had it patched out. Wait and see but it’s pretty cool at the minute.

Canid Plate (T11 Heavy Armor)
305 DEF/76 ATK
338 Iron/98 Steel/26 Ether/1 Sigil of Might/6 Ghastly Pennant

From a crafting perspective

An unusual pairing there – using Ether on a Heavy Armor instead of Jewels. As touched on in other impackts before where this has happened, it’s great for Caprice but can be tricky to work into a normal rotation. Ether can be lowered to 21 with ascension.

From a meta perspective

Canid Plate is the new best-in-slot for Heavy Armor (meaning we say goodbye to Milesian Mail1.)

Although it lacks the health stat of Milesian, it has a large defence increase over it which becomes more valuable than a few extra HP as we get harder content. The extra Attack is also great for keeping your RtK low. That said there will still be edge cases for Milesian so it’s not completely crushed but for the majority of the time, go with Canid.


It’d be great if we could upgrade our pet beds to something like this.
Tea and plant included.

Avatar Items

Like how the Cat pack gave us the stuff to dress up as a cat, this pack gives us the stuff for dressing up as a dog:

You can change the outer colour of the hat. On the onesie you can change the outer colour and the fur in the middle.

Superior Pack

Canid Helmet (T11 Helmet)
Dogbone Blaster (T11 Gun)
Dog Paw Print/Prized Bone (Flooring/Wallpaper)


2 blueprints this time and they are both T11.

Canid Helmet (T11 Helmet)
81 ATK/325 DEF
338 Iron/98 Steel/23 Ether/1 Sigil of Might/3 Bo Staff (T4 Staff)

From a crafting perspective

It’s yet another metal print! With an unusual pairing! And a precraft! Which also has a precraft! That can’t be removed!

This is everything I’ve ever wanted to see in an item!

From a meta perspective

So long Gobble2, hello Canid! Offering a hefty amount of defence and some extra damage to boot, this will be a solid choice for your red heroes for a long time to come. It’s a shame about the crafting parts but if you were buying it from market, 100% do get.

Dogbone Blaster (T11 Gun)
720 ATK/23 HP
372 Iron/98 Steel/19 Jewels/1 Sigil of Might/4 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

And I am become Jeremie, the destroyer of ore.

Of the 3 T11 metal prints released this week the Dogbone is the nicest of the 3 to craft – it uses the standard resource pairing, the Jewel count can be dropped to 15 with Ascenion and there’s no precraft or any weird stuff involved. Pretty solid pick.

From a meta perspective

Dogbone replaces Oxen as the bis option (farewell Oxen Impact3).

Yeah basically blows every other option out of the water. If the hero can get marksman and wield guns, it should always be using this. It’s pretty ridiculous in both damage and survival.



  • Canid Paws has an interesting milestone track, having 1.25x twice.
  • Canid Plate is the new best-in-slot Heavy Armor and is a pretty solid print all round, though unusual in using Ether.
  • Canid Helmet is a great option for your Red-types, best-in-slot Helmet.
  • Dogbone Blaster is best-in-slot gun, best-in-slot weapon if a hero can wield it and get marksman.
  • Return of the beds and tables (no animations.)
  • Dress up like a dog and bark at your customers.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. 6.58 Swan’s Edges, 11.29 Barkbacks
  2. 11.71 Swan’s Edges/20.07 Barkbacks
  3. 8.17 Swan’s Edges/14 Barkback’s

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