Impackt: Dragon Siblings

Hope these reviews aren’t starting to dragon

Dragonsoul Pendant (T8 Amulet)
Emperor Wyrmguard (T10 Shield)
Sondra’s Gong/Mundra’s Moonstone Reef (Decoration)
Sondra’s Balance/Dragon Mask (Avatar Items)


Dragonsoul Pendant (T8 Amulet)
200 DEF/12 HP
160 Iron/42 Steel/8 Jewels
5 Ancient Marble

So this is different – having both items in a mega pack being high tier blueprints. It’s a pretty reasonable item for your heroes as they level and is the only amulet in the T8/T9 range to not require a precraft.

Emperor Wyrmguard (T10 Shield)
245 DEF/15 HP
306 Wood/87 Ironwood/25 Jewels
4 Deep Coral/2 Ghastly Pennant

From a crafting perspective: a bit expensive on the jewel front but the ascensions can help with that. Its main issue is that we just had a great wood craft in the previous pack and this isn’t going to topple that. That said it’s a pretty viable option if you don’t have the Jolly Ranger.

From a meta perspective: a flat upgrade from the Milesian shield (which had an impressive run at lasting over 9 months1.) It’s not enough of a jump to replace Bunbun Buckler in evasion-based builds which are still kings of the meta right now but as the tier continues and brute force becomes more viable, this’ll be a good shield to have.


There is one indoor and one outdoor item in this pack.

Hamster not included.
Taken against a neutral foreground

Although the stones are hovering, the reef isn’t actually animated.

For your merchant there is a new hat and a new accessory.

You can adjust the colours of the horns (all of it is one colour though.)

This is Sondra’s Balance in action:

Superior Pack

Dra-Ko-Nu (T8 Crossbow)
Dragon Dao (T10 Sword)
Mundra’s Tile/Mundra’s Print (Floor/Wallpaper)


Dra-Ko-Nu (T8 Crossbow)
400 ATK/12 HP
235 Wood/57 Ironwood/28 Steel
4 Overgrown Vine/5 White Sand

So from a hero perspective this is a great gap filler for leveling, offering a hefty amount of damage whilst also offering health. It is an unpleasant craft though, requiring 2 different t2 resources as well as quite a few components.

Dragon Dao (T10 Sword)
470 ATK/118 DEF
306 Iron/87 Steel/19 Ether
4 Precious Shell/3 Overgrown Vine

From a crafting perspective: whilst iron/steel/ether is an unusual pairing for metal lines, given that this weapon is essentially the successor to the Gentleman’s Blade it’s not too far out there. Useful pairing for King’s Caprice and pretty reasonable on the cost front.

From a meta perspective: When Birdbane Halberd was released, it was a minor upgrade from Gentleman’s Blade. The Dragon Dao wipes the floor with the halberd (+30 ATK, +8 DEF) making it the new best-in-slot for the Red-types that can wield them, though it still loses to other weapons for Green-types.

This also marks the end for Birdbane now – whilst it’ll live on for Knights (not Lords as they gain the ability to equip swords when promoted) it has no other place, giving it (Birdbane) a rating of 1.75 Swan’s Edges.


This is Mundra’s Tile/Print in action.


  • Dragonsoul Pendant is a respectable amulet and also marks a possible new theme of both mega items being high tier.
  • Emperor Wyrmguard is a solid upgrade from Milesian, though it doesn’t beat out Bunbun.
  • Dra-Ko-Nu is good for levelling heroes, horrible for crafting.
  • Dragon Dao is a great weapon for Red-Types.
  • Furniture for both your indoor and outdoor areas but not animated
  • The mask looks kind of disturbing.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 6/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

  1. 12.25 Swan’s Edges

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