Impackt: Easter Galore

Hop, Skip, RIP

Ostara Hat (T5 Magician Hat)
Bunbun Band (T10 Ring)
Cocoa Chicken/Ostara Cabinet (Decorations)
Bunny Onesie/Bunny Onesie Hood (Avatar Items)


Ostara Hat (T5 Magician Hat)
76 DEF/19 ATK
60 Leather/15 Herbs/12 Fabric
2 Deep Pearl/2 Precious Gem

Not a bad hat for levelling Spellcasters. It doesn’t offer anything special with its milestones but it does make Magician Hats a bit cheaper to fully ascend. A compelling argument for the introduction of a cosmetic system so you could have this appearance on your higher level heroes.

Bunbun Band (T10 Ring)
270 ATK/17 HP
322 Iron/93 Steel/29 Jewel
4 Deep Coral/4 Evil Eye

From a crafting perspective: That’s a lot of jewels required, and even with ascensions we can only drop it to 23. As we draw towards the end of T101these higher costs could be trying to prepare the playerbase for the future. In time we may even come to reminisce about the days when an item only required 29 rare resources.

Until that day though, we’ve had better options for the metal slot (such as the Milesian Mail from the previous pack.)

From a meta perspective:

Here lies the Dawnflower Ring
24th March 2020 – 23rd March 20212

Once again we see an item replaced just before it would manage 1 year as a best-in-slot option. It’s a straight upgrade from Dawnflower for the damage dealer classes that were running them3 although not a massive jump in terms of survivability increase. Still, if tier 11 comes with a new dungeon every health point may count towards you being able to clear it4.


There are 2 new decorations in this pack.

Taken against a neutral background

A very colourful cabinet and a chocolate chick, although neither pieces are animated.

Avatar Items

There is a new top and a new hat for your merchant (they form a matching piece.)

On the top you can change the colour of the centre fur and the suit. You can change the colour of the hat but it’s all one colour.

Superior Pack

Bunbun Booties (T10 Boots)
Pastel Floorboard/Bunbun Arch (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Bunbun Booties (T10 Boots)
245 DEF/61 ATK
306 Iron/87 Steel/25 Jewels
4 Deep Coral

From a crafting perspective: it’s a much nicer craft than yesterday”s ring – ascensions can drop it to 20 jewels/3 deep coral which isn’t bad all things considered. It’s also nice to have a superior again that doesn’t require a quality precraft that has a precraft, or a precraft in general.

From a meta perspective: I know right i’m shocked they remembered the boot line exists as well :P. In most scenarios this will be an upgrade from Vanguard Greaves for Fighter-types as they generally do not need the extra health, though I would advise keeping with vanguard for Conquistadors (cause they actually do need the health.)

We’re not talking a massive difference in terms of potential, just something to keep in mind when gearing.


Here is the Pastel Floorboard and Bunbun Arch in action


  • Ostara Hat looks cool and is a damn shame it’s only tier 5.
  • Bunbun Band took down Dawnflower just before it became one year old.
  • Bunbun Booties is an interesting item for your fighters and hey they remembered boots exist.
  • Some colourful furniture for Easter, but alas no animations.
  • If you ever dreamed of dressing up like a rabbit today’s your lucky day.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

  1. T11 is slated for release at some point in April
  2. 15.17 Swan’s Edges
  3. Wardens would be better off using Blizzard Ring still
  4. I mean Kabam could throw a curveball and have this be a tier that doesn’t get a new dungeon, breaking from the tradition of the past 3 tiers, but I’d put those odds on par with me teaching a polar bear to successfully ride a unicycle.

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