Impackt: Fire And Air

Let the promotional tie-ins commence!

ATTENTION: Due to legal reasons this pack will only appear once as a flashback offer (during the next mega pack.) After that you’ll have to wait for the items to enter the Antique Store in 6 months.

Aang’s Robe (T7 Clothes)
Gyatso’s Amulet (T11 Amulet)
Sleepy Appa/Paisho Table & Tea (Furniture)
Zuko’s Armor/Aang’s Air Glider (Avatar1 Items)


Aang’s Robe (T7 Clothes)
135 DEF/8 HP
155 Leather/39 Fabric/1 Breeze Element (Uncommon)/4 Silk Scarab

Coming in as another entry into the long list of clothes we have a nice robe with pretty reasonable defence for its tier and it has a bonus side of health. There isn’t exactly a shortage of mid-tier Clothing options but hey the more the merrier right.

Gyatso’s Amulet (T11 Amulet)
340 DEF/21 HP
280 Wood/75 Ironwood/34 Jewels/1 Sigil of Spark/1 Gale Element

From a crafting perspective

Providing another wood option to the Amulet line Gyatso’s comes in at a reasonable cost level. It’s possible to remove the precraft with ascensions and the jewel cost can be lowered to 20, keeping in line with the costs Amulets normally have.

From a meta perspective

Gyatso’s Amulet comes storming in and takes its rightful place as the Best-in-Slot Amulet (so long VIP Talisman2.)

Health is an incredibly valuable stat for any of the classes which are able to wear this amulet and Gyatso’s provides that and a nice hefty bit of defence alongside it. It’s a very welcome piece of equipment for both soloing (extra staying power is kind of important) and group play (less chance to be screwed by the boss deciding he really wants to eat your squishier heroes.)

Scenarios where you should consider using Gyatso’s Amulet

  • Upgrading from the VIP Amulet
  • You’re using a hero that can wear an amulet
  • You like having heroes alive at the end of a fight

Scenarios where you should consider not using Gyatso’s Amulet

  • Finely-tuned dps comps may want the damage from Forlorn to push a quicker HtK.
  • You hate the Avatar crossover.
  • You’re not too bothered if a hero lays down their life for you.

Furniture/Avatar Items

Aang’s Glider

Superior Pack

Fire Nation Armor
Fire Nation Helm
Fire Lord’s Floor/Fire Lord’s Wall (Flooring/Wallpaper)


We have two blueprints this time around, one mid-tier and one high-tier.

Fire Nation Helm
140 DEF/35 ATK
127 Iron/33 Steel/3 White Sand/2 Deep Pearl

An intimidating looking helmet, the Fire Nation Helm offers a more offensive-based option for your levelling Fighters over the Kodiak Helmet (though as you’re about to read that’s not necessarily a good thing.)

It’s worth noting that the helm has 2 quality enhancement milestones (1 via mastery, 1 via ascension.) This can make it helpful for creating Sigil fodder.

Fire Nation Armor (T11 Heavy Armor)
305 DEF/19 HP
340 Iron/100 Steel/31 Jewels/1 Sigil of Might/1 Blaze Element

From a crafting perspective

Keeping with the elemental theme running through this pack the Fire Nation Armor calls for a Blaze Element as its secondary component, though this can be removed with ascensions. It’s not the best metal crafting option that we’ve had recently but it’s pretty good nonetheless.

From a meta perspective

The Fire Nation Armor takes the place as the hot new chest armour for your heroes meaning it’s time to put the Canid Plate down3pretty quickly.

Canid’s place in the meta (and the reason it supplanted Milesian Mail) was based on its high defence value making enough of a difference that it didn’t matter its secondary stat was damage-based (not the ideal stat for most Fighter-types.) Fire Nation Armor comes in offering that same high value defence but also adds a health boost as well meaning a higher survival rate for your tank which in turn means the damage dealers live longer and so on.

Scenarios where you should consider using Fire Nation Armor

  • You’re not a Samurai or a Daimyo
  • You didn’t swap up from the Milesian Mail yet
  • You’re interested in decking your heroes out in the latest fashion

Scenarios where you should consider not using Fire Nation Armor

  • You’re a Samurai or a Daimyo (the attack damage from Canid has great synergy with their innate.)
  • Your Fighter-types already survive well enough for your liking
  • You can’t get over it looking like a rehashed Smith’s Attire.



  • Aang’s Robe adds to the growing collection of clothes, putting them on track for having an outfit option for all occasions
  • Gyatso’s Amulet is the new best-in-slot amulet by a good margin.
  • Fire Nation Helm can help you intimidate the enemy into dropping more loot4
  • Fire Nation Armor exemplifies the creative naming items are getting these days (and is also a pretty good item.)

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. ha
  2. 12.21 Swan’s Edges
  3. 2.96 Swan’s Edges
  4. it doesn’t but just roll with it kay

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will you not be showing the screenshots of how the non-blueprint items look in shop or on the character? The last one didn’t show either.

I’ve been experimenting with the format over the past few reviews, seeing what looks like it works/doesn’t. I’ll add the pictures in when I update for the Superior pack.

You only get to see the superior pack if you buy the regular pack AND afterwards buy the 3 offered flashback sales.

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