Impackt: Fortune Mega Pack


Scroll of Fortune (T8 Spell)
Fortunate Gloves (T10 Gloves)
Golden Notes/Jackpot (Decorations)
Fortune Zone Uniform/Fortune’s Coin (Avatar Items)


Scroll of Fortune (T8 Spell)
560 ATK/17 HP
214 Herbs/57 Oil/8 Ether
4 Chronos Crystals/3 Living Root

Continuing the theme set in the last pack of having two high tier items we have a new T8 spell. This is a pretty pleasant item to craft and can have its ether cost lowered even further with ascensions. Possible meta use as well for casters who want more health, it does mean no longer having to use the T6 Naughty and Nice list for that.

Fortunate Gloves (T10 Gloves)
190 DEF/48 ATK
306 Leather/87 Fabric/25 Ether
4 Ghastly Pennants/5 Silk Scarabs

From a crafting perspective: on the positive side, it’s a T10 print that doesn’t require Sunken Temple components which can be a boon for players who aren’t comfortable farming there/don’t wish to rely on the market.

On the negative side, that’s a lot of ether required and the ascensions do not lower that any further – the item has an ascension that lowers the fabric cost instead. With T3 resources usually being the stopping point for how fast you can craft, this item is not a good craft option.

From a meta perspective: With a name like fortunate gloves you’d think they might have evasion on them (it being a random chance and all.) As it stands, whilst these gloves will not replace Mountain Man Mitts in most of the evasion-meta builds, this brings us another step closer to brute force (as in, builds that just stand there and facetank) being back on the table for many Blue-types.

It also opens up other potential skill builds as we now have a viable high-level glove for builds that’d be evasion capped without equipment. For heroes that aren’t using an evasion build, this is the new BiS for them.


There is 1 item for the indoor and 1 item for the outsite of your shop.

Taken against a neutral background

Unfortunately no, it doesn’t play music.

Taken against a neutral foreground

It’s times like this it’d be nice if we could obtain duplicates of pack furniture, just so we could recreate Kabam Jeremie’s house in-game.

For your merchant we have a new top and a new accessory.

It is not possible to recolour any part of the dress – what you see there is what it’ll look like for everyone.

This is the new accessory in action:

Superior Pack

VIP Talisman (T10 Amulet)
Fortune’s Diamonds/Fortunate Print (flooring/wallpaper)


Only the one blueprint this time (so, back to the old normal possibly for now.)

VIP Talisman (T10 Amulet)
260 DEF/16 HP
230 Iron/66 Steel/25 Jewel
4 Deep Coral/3 Evil Eye

From a crafting perspective: the talisman follows the traditional amulet pattern of having lower than normal material costs. Ascension will allow you to lower the jewel cost to 17 and you can lower the Deep Coral requirement to 3. It’s a pretty solid choice and quality ones should sell well because…

From a meta perspective: This is a pretty good jump in terms of power for your heroes – it is the new best-in-slot amulet for all of the amulet wearing classes. It enables a lot more reliable farming for Green-types (I mean they were the meta already) and marks the end for Freyja’s Talisman1.

The reason for that is similar to the reason why the Blizzard Ring didn’t topple the Dawnflower Ring – HP is incredibly valuable to the amulet wearing classes and is worth the loss of atk you would get swapping from Freya’s (Freyja’s at legendary quality is 189 ATK/750 DEF compared to VIP’s 482 HP/780 DEF.)


This is Fortune’s Diamonds/Fortunate Print in action.


  • Scroll of Fortune continues the theme of two high level items in a pack and is a pretty decent spell.
  • Fortunate Gloves are the new BiS for non-eva heroes, though an expensive craft
  • VIP Talisman is an amazing amulet for your heroes.
  • You can start pretending you live in Kabam’s treasury with the fortune decoration
  • A very restrictive merchant item compared to normal – no colouring options.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. 4 Swan’s Edges
  2. or “lots”

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Good review as always. The thing that bother me about fortunate gloves is that it’s the only t10 who only need 2 workers, therefore it takes almost twice the time to craft than a normal T10. This plus the fact that you can’t reduce the ether cost make the fortunates gloves a very unpleasant item to craft =(

I’m not entirely sure if that’s a bug possibly – the gloves lacking a third worker. It has been raised on discord, it could be an oversight. Even if it had a third though yeah it’s not a fantastic option.

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