Impackt: Gaia’s Mega Pack

Embrace your inner gardener

Gaia Aegis (T6 Shield)
Gaia Maul (T11 Mace)
Blooming Wheelbarrow/Flowery Wheel (Decorations)
Salad Slippers/Blooming Coiffe (Avatar Items)


Gaia Aegis (T6 Shield)
125 DEF/8 HP
113 Wood/29 Ironwood/14 Steel
4 White Sand

Cosmetically this shield doesn’t look like it should last more than 2 rounds against pretty much anything. With it also requiring 2 different uncommon resources to craft, there are so many better options for low tier wood crafting. That being said, it’s a reasonable item to equip on your leveling heroes.

Gaia Maul (T11 Mace)
560 ATK/140 DEF
319 Wood/93 Ironwood/25 Ether
1 Sigil of Might/6 Deep Coral

From a crafting perspective: Gaia’s Maul follows the standard resource combination used by maces, though this can make them a touch annoying to work into your rotation. We can ascend the Ether cost down to 17, and due to it using Sunken Temple components we avoid overlapping with the sigil cost (though this could be considered a downside due to the price of Deep Coral now players have moved to farming Bleakspire Peak.)

Not a terrible option for your wood slot, just also not awesome at the same time.

From a meta perspective: it has been a while since we had a new mace, I was beginning to get concerned 2021 might not be a mace year. We say farewell to Striped Star1 for the best-in-slot mace option.

So now that’s out of the way, haven’t had a chance to do one of these in a while:

Above is a list of all the classes which can equip a mace2. It’s not a bad mix of classes, however:

Grimar’s Grand Wand
560 ATK/140 DEF

Clerics and Geomancers can use Grimar’s Grand Wand, which has identical stats to Gaia Maul even though it came out over 6 months ago3 and synergises much better for them as it works great with Adept.

Oxen Impact
Oxen Impact
610 ATK/153 DEF

Blows Gaia Maul completely out of the water for Berserker, though it will lose out if your Berserker has Warlord.

Elegant Rapier
Elegant Rapier
580 ATK/18 HP

The Elegant Rapier from the previous pack smokes the maul for both Lords and Chieftains (the extra health is valued more than the defense provided by maul, and the damage difference can mean a faster hits-to-kill which, given the damage Bleakspire outputs, is very welcome.) For Mercenary the rapier and maul are pretty much even (the difference is so minor it’s within the margin of error for the simulators.)

Whilst you should ideally sim your heroes to find out which weapon works best for them, if you were just wanting a best-in-slot recommendation don’t use the mace.

Tl;dr: it’s not great.


We have 2 outdoor decorations this time for sprucing up your garden.

Some cool flowers for outside. There are no animations on them (though it’d be a touch hard for them to have some.:P )

Avatar Items

We have a new hat and a new pair of shoes for the Shopkeeper:

On the hat you can change the color of the petal. On the boots you can change their main color but not the leaf laces.

Superior Pack

Gaia’s Hold (T11 Gauntlets)
Gaia’s Tile/Gaia’s Fresco (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Gaia’s Hold (T11 Gauntlets)
270 DEF/17 HP
338 Iron/98 Steel/31 Jewel/1 Sigil of Might/6 Ancient Marble

From a crafting perspective: expensive in the jewel department even after ascension. The Ancient Marble can be lowered to 3 and as with the maul it’s good to not have a component overlap with the sigil. It’s not as pleasant a craft as the Elegant Rapier was or Last Breath (dagger blueprint from the Bleakspire Peak chest) but a respectable choice nevertheless.

From a meta perspective: a new best-in-slot gauntlet by a significant margin (so long Winter’s Touch4.) It provides a good bulkiness increase to all Red-types (and Spellblades if you feel brave enough to roll one.) There are very few reasons not to use this gauntlet and it’ll likely remain bis for a long time just down to its stat combo of defence/health5.


This is the Gaia’s Tile/Gaia’s Fresco in action.


  • Gaia Aegis is a nice shield for your leveling heroes but not a great craft
  • Gaia’s Maul is underwhelming in terms of performance
  • Gaia’s Hold is the new hot gauntlets by a good margin
  • Some more flowers to bring life to your front garden
  • Dress like a flower for Earth Day

Final Score

Mega Pack: 2/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. 12.21 Swan’s Edges, though there’s a fair case it hasn’t been great for a while.
  2. their titan souled versions can as well. The reason I’ve included Lord is because whilst they can use maces, their base class (Knight) can’t.
  3. the 3 premium lines offer more damage than the base ones .However, given 2 weeks ago we had a pack item with 580 ATK, Gaia Maul could have been made justifiably stronger
  4. 5.88 Swan’s Edges
  5. if you’re reading this Jeremie, no, stop, don’t even think about making another

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