Impackt: Gothita

Darkness is Forever

Gothita Frock Coat (T13 Clothes)
Gothita Glovelettes(T7 Gloves)
Highbrow Hat Holder/Gothita Lamp (Indoor Decoration)
Gothita Dress/Gothita Hair (Avatar Items)


Nice pair of low-mid tier gloves. Nothing remarkable of note.

From a crafting perspective

Incredibly high base Ether cost makes the Gothita Frock Coat mildly unattractive for a crafting rotation. Thankfully the ether reduction node is on the mastery track so you do not need to ascend to help it out (and it’s a hefty -15 one at that) however that still leaves it above average compared to other prints before they have their reduction applied.

Essence is running a bit higher than normal but ascension can bring that to slightly below baseline value.

From a meta perspective

It wasn’t too long ago we got another T13 clothes option (Business Suit.) The health offered from the frock coat can prove to be more helpful than the attack from business, moreso as we look into building for Tower of Terror. However, if you’re already running the suit this isn’t enough of a difference to justify an immediate change and if you find your casters already survive enough, stick with it.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Lampcaster (T13 Wand)
Teeny Top Hat(T13 Magician Hat)
Tenebrous Tapestries(Wallpaper)
Crimson Carpet (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Keeping with the recurring theme since T12 of seasonal wands using metal instead of wood for crafting the Lampcaster offers a new metal alternative for players who missed out on Plasma Saber or want a new source of income. Slightly higher on the essence side and the ascension only brings it back to baseline however with it not using any rare resources it’s a very pleasant option for the metal craft slot.

From a meta perspective

Lampcaster doesn’t really have a lot of uses unfortunately. Most of the classes who can use it can also use a staff (in which case you’d use Scepter of Ever-Wisdom) leaving Lampcaster to just fill in for the couple of classes who can use wands but not staves or for people who like to craft their own gear but lack access to the scepter.

From a crafting perspective

A much nicer craft than the coat from the mega pack the Teeny Top Hat also boasts 2 quality boosting milestones (one in the ascension track, one in the mastery track.) It’s incredibly rare to see something like this on a high tier blueprint and when we factor in its non-use of rare resources this is a wonderful leather options.

From a meta perspective

Similar to the mega pack coat we already have a T13 magician hat, the difference this time is that the currently existing one (Tiara of Tides) has health and not attack. If your casters are surviving well enough for your liking swap to the top hat, though my default recommendation would be to stay with tiara.


  • You’d think they’d make a gothica pack tie into the dark knight somehow.
  • Unpleasant mega pack crafting but very pleasant superior crafts
  • Not exactly a lot of meta-defining changes in here.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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