Impackt: Halloween 2020

Spooky scary furniture

Pack Contents
Night Armor (T7 Light Armor)
Night Crown (T10 Magician Hat)
Shallow Grave/Spirit Stone (Decorations)
Bat Wings/Moonless Night Cloak (Avatar Items)


Night Armor (T7 Light Armor)
150 DEF/38 ATK
170 Leather, 43 Silk, 22 Oil,
4 Evil Eye, 4 Rustwyrm Scale

So this is 3 more ascension stars for the Light Armor line which was in dire need of them (allowing you to hit 42 now if you have all the prints for it.) It’s a slight upgrade over last year’s Pumpkin Armor whilst also looking more stylish.

Night Crown (T10 Magician Hat)
195 DEF/49 ATK
290 Leather, 82 Silk, 22 Ether,
3 Crystal Lullaby, 3 Ghastly Pennant

From a crafting perspective: no, there are way better options for your leather/silk slot. Expensive on the material front and ascensions do not help.

From a meta perspective: also a no. The classes that can wear this hat have better options (Spellward Hat says hello.) With the damage Sunken Temple puts out it’s going to be a limited amount of scenarios where you would want this over more survival.

To put it another way: wet paper tissue has more chance of impacting the meta. Bear in mind we also already have the Raven mask (190 DEF, 48 ATK) so you can get pretty much the same performance for a way lower cost.


Two outdoor furnishings in this pack.

Taken against a neutral background (well, foreground? grass ground?)

We’ve got a Spirit Stone for fulfilling anyone’s ghost needs this halloween and a Shallow Grave which is where Jeremie might bury lizard.

A new hat and coat for your merchant.

For the hat: you can change the colour of the wings
For the coat there are two things:
-The main coat itself
-The trim

Superior Items

Nightwing (T10 Crossbow)
Midnight Oil (T10 Potion)
Midnight Oil (T10 Potion)
53 HP/105 ATK
290 Herbs, 82 Oil, 22 Ether,
4 Crystal Lullaby, 3 Evil Eye

From a crafting perspective: so as options for T10 herb slot this isn’t a bad pick. You can ascend the Evil Eye from it making it only require 4 lullaby.

From a meta perspective: I mean it’s a slightly better Tangy Decoction (95 ATK, 48 HP,) Whilst I was pretty harsh on the hat, small increments of HP can be more noticeable in your heroes performance.

Nightwing (T10 Crossbow)
500 ATK/125 DEF
319 Wood, 82 Hardwood, 22 Jewels,
4 Precious Shell, 2 Ghastly Penant

From a crafting perspective: the problem with the wood slot is we’ve had some absolutely amazing options in the past, most recently maplewood gale. That said if you just want a t10 wood item to craft, can’t go wrong here.

From a meta perspective: yeah it’s not promising. Allow me to explain. First, let’s take a look at all the classes that can use a crossbow:

Credit to Snype for creating the class table you can find on the tips page

So at a first glance you might think “well that’s pretty cool Rei, you can use it on musketeers, rangers (like the Totally Balanced Hero) and so on, that’s amazing!”

Introducing our first objection:

Remember me? I’m the gun with 530 ATK, 133 DEF

The Handcask 65′ exists and just flat out defeats the crossbow on stats. Knowing that, we can cross out Nightwing being BiS for Musketeer and Ranger.

A challenger appears!

I have a magical 560 ATK, 140 DEF

Grimar’s Grand Wand from the previous Superior pack also defeats the crossbow, so we can also cross out Dancer and Mage. This means Nightwing primary BiS class is Thief. Woo.


That target is like the one we painted on lizard recently

Whilst Dancers can use Grimmar’s Grand Wand, they are unable to roll Adept, leaving them with just Wand Mastery. They can however roll Marksman which is the epic skill for Crossbows. Therefore, if you have a dancer with Marksman then Nightwing is a better choice than Grimmar’s Grand Wand.


  • Night Armor adds some much needed ascension stars for the Light Armor Line
  • Night Crown unfortunately isn’t great
  • Midnight Oil is a nice craft and a small jump from Tangy Decocotion
  • Nightwing is BiS only if the hero cannot use grimmar and adept, or barrelcask with marksman.
  • Animated decorations are back again
  • Pretty cool looking avatar items
  • I mean the superior isn’t terrible but I would not rush to purchase this pack.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 2/10
Superior Pack: 4/10

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