Impackt: Holiday 2022

Spirited away by Santa

Merry Christmace (T12 Mace)
Santa’s Guard Plate (T8 Heavy Armor)
North Pole Lantern/Snowglobe (Decorations)
Shopkeeper Surprise/Festive Coat (Avatar Items)


Santa’s Guard Plate (T8 Heavy Armor)
48 ATK/190 HP
Affinity: Christmas Spirit
214 Stone/130 Leather/90 Herbs/5 Ancient Marble/3 White Sand

A colourful option for your levelling samurai. You can remove the herb cost completely with ascension making this a respectable mid-tier craft option for King’s Caprice if you don’t own the vanguard gauntlets.

Merry Christmace (T12 Mace)
730 ATK/193 DEF
Affinity: Light & Christmas Spirit
Airship Power: 804
375 Stone/110 Steel/38 Ether/1 Sigil of True Might/2 Magma Core

From a crafting perspective

A couple of things worth noting here for the Merry Christmace. The first is the use of metal instead of the expected wood for maces (though the other tier 12 premium mace also used metal so nothing super special there) and the second being its mastery track – the 10% multicraft milestone is on the main track instead of the ascension track. This is pretty cool and hopefully we’ll see it more often.

The ascension track is entirely focused on lowering the resource costs. You can get the ether down to 28 (admittedly this is the 3rd ascension stone though so a fair few shards are required) and drop to only needing 1 magma core from mastery making this a great option for your metal crafting slot.

For Dragon Invasion purposes it’s not great however, there are many better options available to you.

From a meta perspective

Whilst at first glance the mace may seem a bit underwhelming (at this stage in the tier we would be expecting higher stat values, it currently mirrors the Titan Sword that was released 6 months ago) it is saved by its affinity for the Christmas Spirit – we’ll cover that in the superior pack section, just need to know that it makes it a very viable mace for tanking.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Christmas Spirit (T12 Spirit)
Gift Wrap Rifle (T12 Gun)
Peppermint Flooring/Peppermint Column(Flooring/Wallpaper)


Christmas Spirit (T12 Spirit)
92 ATK/61 DEF/18 HP
387 Wood/113 Ironwood/41 Jewel/1 Perfect Runestone/6 Precious Shell

Note: This is the first time Kabam have added a new spirit via a seasonal pack (previous additions have been either LCoG or content passes.)

From a crafting perspective

With ascensions we can get the jewel cost down to 25 (and if you have the reductions from the Spirit ascension track you can get it down to 17) and it also has the standard 2 quality milestones for a spirit (one on mastery track, one on ascension.)

Deciding whether to use this as your wood slot option is going to come down to how easy it is for you to get hold of perfect runestones – if it’s not a problem for you (as you either craft them or get them through questing etc) then great go ahead and start using Christmas Spirit. If on the other hand that is a problem for you then I’d look elsewhere (perhaps sticking with some of the previous great wood options like Thorn of Scorn or Hotshot Carbine.)

From a meta perspective

Christmas Spirit: +20 HP, +4% Health

The standard enchant bonus for Christmas Spirit is nothing super exciting – it’s competing against Phoenix. If you’re able to keep fights short (approximately 8 turns or less) or have some +health skills like Impervious you can make it work but it’s a lot more restricted compared to the utility of Phoenix.

Christmas Spirit+: +40 HP, +10% Health

On the other hand if the item has affinity for Christmas Spirit then it becomes incredibly awesome. It offers a tremendous jump in survivability and is the main reason why the Merry Christmace becomes a great tank weapon option (also pretty good for Bishops, though you may wish to sim your build first for that.)

Gift Wrap Rifle (T12 Gun)
980 ATK/5% CRIT
Affinity: Light & Christmas Spirit
Airship Power: 1176
463 Iron/134 Steel/30 Jewel/1 Sigil of True Might/ 8 Overgrown Vine

From a crafting perspective

Nothing super exciting here in terms of the milestone tracks though it does blow pretty much all other recent metal options out of the water for your crafting slot. We can get the jewel cost down to 24 and the use of a Chronos Ruin component helps keep the crafting cost low as well.

For Dragon Invasion it easily takes the place as the #1 weapon craft option and with it having dual affinity it’s probably not getting replaced any time soon (they say, almost daring Kabam to release a stronger item to prove them wrong.)

From a meta perspective

Gift Wrap Rifle basically just crushes every other weapon option for your gun-wielding classes. It boasts the highest attack stat of any weapon currently in the game and has a very wonderful 5% crit chance to back that up. Conquistadors, Wanderers, basically everyone is in love with this (for the affinity loss on Conquistadors as you’d drop hotshot you can compensate by swapping to Desperado Spurs for the footwear slot.)

Berserkers will also be fond of this with its Christmas Spirit affinity though do keep an eye on your defence value.


  • Apparently the only paint left in stock at Kabam HQ is either red, green or white.
  • Merry Christmace takes the top mace slot and has great affinities.
  • Christmas Spirit is fantastic if the item has affinity for it.
  • Gift Wrap Rifle won’t be replaced any time soon.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 10/10 (though if you don’t own Roxanne, 8/10.)

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I don’t see the Superior pack. Do you have to buy the first one to be able to see it or how does it work? I could use that rifle for the dragon event.

To get the Superior Pack, you have to buy the mega pack, and then buy all the packs offered after that during the flashback (normally 3). After that, you may buy the superior pack. See (starting from the section “What the heck …”).

I read that you can save money by buying the next mega pack instead and that the superior pack will then be offered as one of the 3 options. I don’t know if that’s true so take it with a grain of salt.

Thanks! It’s a bummer because I wanted the superior pack. Needing to buy more stuff to even get a chance at buying what I wanted is a bit much.

You’re guaranteed to get the superior pack but you HAVE to buy the flashback offers to get to it. Also once you buy the mega pack you have to wait 24 hours before King Reinhold comes to offer you the flashback packs. After you buy them about 10 minutes later he offers you the superior pack.

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