Impackt: Immortal

Hey they dropped the Champion Clash title

Soulbinder Staff (T12 Staff)
Claud’s Will (T5 Ring)
Donovan’s Research/Void Crystals (Decorations)
Donovan’s Outift/Hemma’s Tiara (Avatar items)


Claud’s Will (T5 Ring)
115 ATK/29 DEF
Affinity: Dark
85 Iron/21 Steel/3 Rustwyrm Scale/2 Silver Dust

Nothing worthy of mentioning here. I mean it looks sorta cool I guess.

Soulbinder Staff (T12 Staff)
730 ATK/5% Critical Hit Chance
Affinity: Dark
380 Wood/105 Ironwood/35 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Spark/3 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

Soulbinder Staff calls for the use of jewels instead of ether which is a nice change from the standard staff requirements. You can drop the jewel cost to 27 with ascension, though given it calls for bleakspire materials (which have gone up a lot in value since Cinderlake was added) that alone isn’t really enough to make it an attractive craft.

Not terrible but it’s not something I’d be rushing to make either.

From a meta perspective

Normally a staff would not be worth more than a moment’s consideration as they just get outplayed/overpowered by wands. Normally.

Soulbinder Staff manages to escape the staff trap by offering 5% Critical Hit Chance. This has some scenarios where it’s actually a great alternative weapon as it allows you to use damage spirits such as Kraken and not have to compromise on crit chance (normally you’d be using Eagle.)

For critical hit/damage based warlocks and spellblades this is worth considering for your weapon slot. Outside of that, nah just go with wands.


Avatar Items


Soulbinder Regalia (T12 Clothes)
Soulbound Drapes/Soulbound Tiles


Soulbinder Regalia (T12 Clothes)
355 DEF/89 ATK
Affinity: Dark
390 Leather/115 Fabric/34 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Spark/3 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

The Soulbinder Regalia has reasonable crafting costs – although slightly unusual in that it calls for jewels instead of ether in a clothes line blueprint you can lower it 24 with ascensions which is one of the lowest numbers you can get for a tier 12.

Unfortunately it uses the talons again (is this going to become the new precious shell?) but outside of that, great crafting option.

From a meta perspective

It’s a straight upgraded version of the Moonlight Kimono. More damage, more defence, more style. Use this on your monks and spellcasters unless you want the survivability offered by the health on Tiger Emperor (though the defence difference between them may negate most of that anyway.)



  • Claud’s Will is a ring.
  • Soulbinder Staff is a staff with purpose which is a welcome change.
  • Soulbinder Regalia comes in and easily takes top place for the clothes spot for damage.
  • Start redecorating your shop as a mad scientist laboratory.
  • And you can steal Donovan’s coat which is cool.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 6/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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