Impackt: Junimay

It’s ALL natural! No pesticides!

Fairy Sandals (T12 Light Footwear)
Juniper’s Trowel (T7 Dagger)
Fairy Basin/Watering Can (Decorations)
Maylee’s Outfit/Juniper’s Straw Hat (Avatar Items)


A reasonable option for your dagger leveling needs, though potentially outclassed by the other weapon lines at that tier. The earth affinity can be used by wanderer which could be helpful when leveling up tower helper teams (see an answer to the tower for more info on that.)

From a crafting perspective

Kabam remembered there are components besides Precious Shells Red Sigils. Slightly cheaper on the resource front compared to the Rex Stompers from the previous pack and uses the more traditional pairing of resources for leather.

They run a little on the higher side for rare resource use, but as leather options go it’s a pretty decent one, more so if you’ve missed out on some of the better ones from this tier.

From a meta perspective

Yeah it’s basically pretty damned awesome. Use this on dancer, trickster (if you can fit the extra attack in without making the fight too short), warlocks, potential sensei use etc. Wouldn’t advise using on Bishops though, they would be better going with Desperado Spurs or Hunter Moccasins.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Fairy Wreath (T12 Amulet)
Fairy Wings (T12 Cloak
Fairy Meadows/Fairy Print (Flooring/Wallpaper)


From a crafting perspective

This blueprint suffers from one of the worst resource pairings we have seen so far, and the jewel cost is a bit on the high side as well. Jewels can be reduced from 50 to 32 by mastery and ascension, which brings it inline with other Tier 12s.

Being an accessory that is not a spell, it does not even register on the DI meter, although it is the top amulet not that that matters very much.

The milestone setup is a bit unusual with the value milestone moved up, and a jewel reduction milestone instead of the typical t2 rss.

From a meta perspective

This is a straight upgrade for the Gamepad Mini, with some nice affinity pairings. Wanderers and druids will benefit from the dual Earth and Carbuncle affinity, which will hopefully take the sting out of losing some raw attack if switching from the Eternal Hourglass.

From a crafting perspective

Fairy Wings have the standard rss pairings for cloaks, and there is nothing unusual about the crafting/ascensions milestones. Since it uses standard rss it can take the place of other leather crafts, but there are cheaper options.

Being an accessory that is not a spell, it does not even register on the DI meter.

From a meta perspective

Fairy Wings pack a punch with the dual affinity. If you can do without some HP switch from Sakura ASAP. Unless you are a Polo Trickster and need the fight to last a bit longer.


  • Juniper’s Trowel is a good choice for leveling heroes if you like daggers.
  • Fairy Sandals are the new BiS Light Footwear.
  • Crafting Fairy Wreath is not fun, but it your heroes will love it.
  • Toss the old tattered Sakura Cloaks because Fairy Wings is here with some pew pew power.
  • Consider a new career as a farmer with Juniper’s stylish hat.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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Thank you so much for doing these everytime. I’m not so good at tell what is worth it or not so they are super helpful and I always end up over here everytime a new pack is dropped

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