Impackt: Jurassic

Welcome to Jurassic Park Pack

Apex Goraxe (T12 Axe)
Rex Chompere (T7 Helmet)
Plushiosaurus/Tricera Skull (Decorations)
Dino Onesie/Dino Onesie Hood (Avatar Items)


A T5 print that only uses 2 materials which also happen to pair nicely. Stat-wise a low tier helmet with attack is a good fit for your leveling Samurai. The Dino affinity is a nice bonus to buff innate as well.

From a crafting perspective

There are much better options for spending your rss/components specifically your Precious Shells Red Sigils.

From a meta perspective

There is really no reason to use this on any hero. Like all axes there are better weapons for everyone. The one hero who could benefit from it, Samurai/Daimyo, cannot equip Axe’s making the Dino affinity basically useless as well.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Rex Stompers (T12 Heavy Footwear)
Fossilized/Jurassic Print (Flooring)
Digging Site (Wallpaper)


From a crafting perspective

Did Kabam forget there are components besides Precious Shells Red Sigils.

Not a bad crafting option, Rex Stompers are the first Heavy Footwear blueprint that uses leather. It will fit in nicely during KC, especially if you have Fruity Booties.

Standard milestone setup here – the jewel cost can be reduced to 35 from the first ascension, and typical leather/fabric reductions on the crafting milestones.

From a meta perspective

The best choice for Samurai with Dino, and works well for offensive based red types. It might be a good fit on Conquistadors depending on the other gear they have.


  • Leveling samurai will enjoy chomping on enemies while wearing the Rex Chomper.
  • Apex Goraxe… sad Samurai noises.
  • Rex Stompers… happy Samurai noises.
  • Relive your childhood fantasies and dig for dinosaur bones, while dressed as a dinosaur.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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