Impackt: Liberty Mega Pack

Another set of Stars!

Ring of Liberty (T6 Ring)
Star-Spangled Greaves (T11 Boots)
Pinwheels & Balloons/Eagle Banner(Decorations)
Presidential Outfit/Patriotic Boots(Avatar Items)


Ring of Liberty (T6 Ring)
130 Attack, 33 Defence
113 Iron, 29 Steel
4 White Sand, 4 Iron Pine Cone

To start things off we have another lower tier ring! This one coming in at Tier 6. Not really meta breaking since its such a low tier item with a defence secondary.
However it does get some nice resource reductions so once maxed out could be a nice option for crafting for flawless items to fuse into sigils.

Star-Spangled Greaves (T11 Boots)
305 Defence, 19 Health
338 Iron, 98 Steel, 31 Jewels
1 Sigil of Might, 3 Grim Talon

Here is the juicy stuff, another boot! Two weeks in a row which is nice considering how long we went without being able to get it to max ascensions.

From a crafting perspective, its base resource costs are along the same as most other iron items at tier 11 but the interesting part is that its first ascension reduces the jewels required by a whopping 12!
This means that high 31 Jewel requirement goes down to a low 19 which I suspect will make this a fantastic option to craft for caprice.
In terms of regular crafting I think there are better options for your iron slot (Notably daggers since they often lack a rare resource requirement to begin with as well as the Elegant Rapier which once ascended has a Jewel requirement of only 16)

From a meta perspective we have a tier 11 boot with health secondary which very easily makes it the new bis option for pretty much anyone who can equip it.
Its defence is the same as the existing tier 11 boot (Like most other T11 pack items) But thats still a significant increase from the Bunbun Booties1 and Vanguard Greaves2 which were competing prior to this item being released.


Two new decorations for your patriotic needs! Your very own eagle to attack customers who fail small talks as they exit your shop and some pinwheels and balloons to sell on the side so your customers can celebrate the 4th too! (The Pinwheels spin too!)

Avatar Items

Two new avatar items for your shopkeeper to look fancy in.
For the Presidential Outfit (Top) you can change the colour of the jacket as a whole as well as the tie separately.
For the Patriotic Boots you can simply change the colour of the main part of the boots.

Superior Pack

Sealed Declaration (T11 Spell)
Premium Star/Star Spangled (Wavy) Flooring/Wallpaper


Sealed Declaration (T11 Spell)
950 Attack, 30 Health
300 Leather, 90 Fabric, 34 Ether
1 Sigil of Spark, 5 Thread of Fate

Here we have it, it didn’t take long for the Tome of All Knowledge to get a worthy contender!

From a crafting perspective this is a very interesting spell! It uses Leather and Fabric instead of the usual Herb/Oil pairing.
This makes it a good item for Caprice since it’ll give you multiple base resource crafting options for a single item line.
The base Ether cost is quite high at 34, but can be reduced by a whopping 10 from ascensions. Although there are existing better options for your leather slot since Rogue hats and Light armour both utilise a lot less Ether.

From a meta perspective, When the Tome of All Knowledge was released it was the best spell by a long shot, and whilst the Sealed Declaration is still lower on the Attack front (990 vs 950) it does get a very useful health secondary instead of the defence that the Tome has.
This means that we end up with another situation where we sort of have two conditional best in slot items.
The Health secondary from the Sealed Declaration ends up winning out over the Defence that the Tome has (In most scenarios) since most of the heroes that can use spells benefit a lot more from health over defence. Warlock might benefit from running one of each but it didn’t take long for the Tome to get knocked off the top spot and as this is also a lot more available to crafters it’ll also likely be a cheaper (and in most cases better) alternative to the Tome of All Knowledge3.


Premium Star Flooring and Star Spangled (Wavy) Wallpaper


  • Ring of Liberty which is a potential contender for sigil crafting.
  • Star-Spangled Greaves that is the new BiS boot option along with a low jewel req once ascended and makes me glad that we just got vanity gear.
  • Sealed Declaration must have more knowledge sealed than the Tome because its knocked it off the top spot (In most cases)
  • An Eagle to attack your customers and some pinwheels and balloons to celebrate with!
  • Now you too can run for president with a fancy new outfit to boot.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 9.5/10

  1. 6.93 Swan’s Edges!
  2. 12.21 Swan’s Edges!
  3. 1.21 Swan’s Edges!

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