Impackt: Lunar New Year (Rabbit)

This year the Moon pulled a Rabbit out of its hat

Empress War Fan (T12 Dagger)
Qian Loop (T6 Ring)
Bunny Cushion/Tangerine Guardian (Decorations)
Bunny Slippers/Bunny Dress (Avatar Items)


Although it starts off with some slightly annoying resources you can ascend the iron off completely with the 1st ascension, turning this into a fairly spammable T6 option. Slightly outclasses the other rings of the tier but only by a small amount.

From a crafting perspective

The Empress War Fan keeps the standard dagger ability of not requiring a rare resource (which is fantastic) and has a 30% time reduction instead of the standard 20. The use of a Bleakspire component as well helps keep it cheaper compared to some of its other T12 competitors.

In short, a great pick for your metal crafting slot.

From a meta perspective

It’s nice to see evasion on a weapon again (Staff of Seasons feels like it has a partner now.) The war fan sadly suffers from the main problem daggers normally have (low base damage) though that being said it has potential for warlord tricksters/dancers if they need the extra evasion.

Apart from those scenarios better options are available.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Empress Hairpins (T12 Magician Hat)
Year of the Bunny/Lunar New Year(Flooring/Wallpaper)


From a cosmetic perspective

It’s different.

From a crafting perspective

That’s quite low on the rare resource for a high tier magician hat which can be lowered further to 27 with the first ascension. It’s just unfortunately come at the same time as a better metal option (the dagger from the mega) and another one recently (gift wrap rifle.)

But if you don’t have those (like say you got this in a flashback) yeah not bad for the iron slot.

From a meta perspective

The Empress Hairpins is a pretty good option for the magician hat slot if you don’t mind trading off the health from sakura (the increased defence here helps on that front.)

It’ll be the default best magician hat, just a shame it lacks affinity (fire for example would have been a great help for Archmages.)


  • Obligatory red and gold theme reappears again for this lunar new year pack.
  • The dagger is a nice craft just not a lot of places to use it.
  • We totally needed another low tier ring.
  • Empress Hairpins is the new best-in-slot magician hat.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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