Impackt: Magic

Haven’t we seen this trick before?

Mega Pack

Magician’s Hat (T13 Magician Hat)
Hands of Sleight (T8 Gloves)
Magician’s Table/Magic Box/Showfloor Partition (Indoor Decorations)
Magician’s Rose (Avatar Item)


Nothing remarkable worth noting.

From a crafting perspective


A slightly above standard essence cost to start with although the reduction is on the mastery track which is nice. The precraft is mildly ick however it is also removed by a milestone on the mastery track, just have to grit your teeth and bear with it (takes 30 crafts to remove it.)

From a meta perspective

It’s a slightly better Teeny Top Hat. Given that wasn’t released too long ago we can use a similar analysis:

If you’re using Tiara of Tides on your casters and they are surviving well enough for your liking swap to the Magician’s Hat, though my default recommendation would be to stay with tiara. If you’re already using Teeny Top Hat the minor stat increase isn’t worth the cost at this point..


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Charlatan’s Amulet (T13 Amulet)
The Original (T8 Wand)
Great Curtain (Wallpaper)
Showfloor (Flooring)


Hey it’s a low tier wand! Been a while since we had one of these.

From a crafting perspective

Nothing significant of note.

From a meta perspective

A fairly safe option for your levelling casters.

From a crafting perspective

Crafting-wise, that’s a hefty-ish Jewel cost, and Essence can only be reduced to 5 by ascension. Plus it’s a Metal item and Plasma Saber still exists. Not awful I guess but almost every pack has had a Metal item recently.

From a meta perspective

Continuing T13’s theme of amulets with unusual secondaries we have a 5% evasion amulet. If you’re finding your amulet-wearers are dying a lot then this isn’t a bad choice however it’s not something we would recommend as a general use item.



  • Pick a card, any card. No not the Tarot card I need it as a pre-craft.
  • Evade attacks like a true charlatan with the Charlatan’s Amulet.
  • Imagine being a Magician in a universe where magic exists.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 7/10

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