Impackt: Mecha

Gundam that’s a lot of metal blueprints

CM-73 Armor Frame (T13 Heavy Armor)
CM-73 Visor (T13 Helmet)
CM-73 Jetboots (T8 Heavy Footwear)
CM-73 Manipulators (T4 Gauntlets)
Marvel Workbench (Indoor Decoration)
Observer Visor (Avatar Item)

This pack comes with 4 blueprints instead of the standard 2.


2 time reductions and 2 multicraft ascension milestones. A great tier 4 option for crafting.

You can remove most of the iron required via mastery, making this a fairly cheap tier 8 iron option.

Going to do a little something different this time now – given both of these blueprints are using the same resources and the meta answer is going to be the same it’s time for a combo review.

From a crafting perspective

CM-73 Armor Frame has a slightly higher than normal base essence cost (ascending can bring in back down to 5.) There’s a milestone to reduce the jewel cost on the mastery track which is great and it only uses 1 component type which can make it easier to maintain a stockpile of (as you only need to quest in 1 specific area instead of 2.)

CM-73 Visor also has a slightly higher essence cost however via ascension and mastery it’s possible to completely remove the essence cost, leaving it only using iron and jewels (similar to the plasma saber.) It unfortunately has no ways to reduce that pretty high jewel count however and does require a sigil.

Deciding which one to craft comes down to which resource you find harder to keep stocked out of jewels or essence. Both are very solid choices for your rotation, there is no “wrong” answer.

From a meta perspective

Both of these items are best-in-slot for every tank class who can wear them. They offer a fantastic amount of survival and thanks to their all affinity are very easy to work into your hero’s setup. The helmet can also be ran on spellknights if you need more survival there.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Particle Beam Rifle (T13 Gun)
CM-73 Shield (T13 Shield)
Mechtalic Panel (Wallpaper)
Mechtalic Tile (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

The CM-73 Shield also also has a slightly higher essence cost which can be reduced to baseline value via ascension. It requires a hefty amount of star metal as well so be prepared to run Sun God’s Tomb a lot :P. With its steel/ether pairing it combos nicely with either of the blueprints from the mega pack.

From a meta perspective

It’s the new best-in-slot shield for pretty much anyone who can use it. With its all affinity it’s possible to run this on velites and bishops in place of their current light-affinity options as well. An all-round great item to have equipped on your heroes.

From a crafting perspective

The Particle Beam Rifle also also also has a slightly higher essence cost which can be reduced to below baseline value via ascension. The flawless blunderbuss requirement can be offputting, though thankfully after the first mastery milestone it drops to superior and after the second one it only requires normal.

This is a fairly expensive blueprint to craft when factoring in the precraft and doesn’t mesh well with the items in the mega pack, though that being said it’s not a bad choice for metal crafting.

From a meta perspective

It’s the new best-in-slot gun replacing the Sonic Trumpeteer for all damage classes. It’s also pretty great for tank classes however care should be taken if swapping from the trumpeteer as the rifle has defence as its secondary stat, not health (and health tends to be a little more valuable for tanks.)


  • So. Much. Iron.
  • 4 new best-in-slot items
  • If you were only going to buy 1 mega pack this one would be a fantastic choice.
  • Yes, I did mean to write that many also’s.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 10/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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Thanks as always for the writeup.

Attention Kabam, I have played this game for almost 2 years and this is only the second pack I’ve bought. Why? Primarily 4 blueprints versus 2. Also they were amazing blueprints both visually and in stats. If you want my wallet to keep opening, keep on this same path.

It’s weird that the particle beam rifle doesn’t have a price increase milestone. It’s base price is off the charts compared to everything else, so it currently has the highest surcharge cost in the game, but without the price increase milestone, it’s actually a bad deal to surcharge. So it’s great to craft for your heroes or sell on the market, but a bad item to sell in the shop.

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