Impackt: Mid-Autumn

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Crispy Roast Duck (T13 Meal)
Great Pagoda (T7 Staff)
Mooncake Table (Indoor Decoration)
Bunny Lantern (Outdoor Decoration)
Hanfu/Handheld Lantern (Avatar Items)


A tier 7 blueprint that uses 6 ether with no way to reduce it. Just no.

From a crafting perspective

Mildly ick precraft, though you can remove the quality requirement with the first ascension. Slightly less fun to craft compared to the Very Hot Pot we got in a recent superior pack with it running higher on the Ether front and no way to reduce the herb cost.

From a meta perspective

Hi there power creep leap. The Crispy Roast Duck pretty much obliterates the Very Hot Pot for the new best-in-slot meal option presuming you don’t require the fire affinity from hot. Whilst it’s not unheard of for a pack item to be made obsolete in a fairly short amount of time (hi there Swan’s Edge) it isn’t usually by this big a jump.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Jade Lotus Loop (T13 Ring)
Dragon Emperor’s Cloak (T13 Cloak)
Lotus Garden(Wallpaper)
Lotus Tiles (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Plasma Saber exists etc etc but presuming you missed that the Jade Lotus Loop is a pretty good iron option. It has a respectable jewel cost and the component pairing isn’t too costly either. Standard essence set up, nothing else of note.

From a meta perspective

The Jade Lotus Loop takes the tile as king of the ring. Pretty much want to be running this everywhere you currently run a ring, though care should be taken with Grandmaster as you’ll need to compensate for the affinity loss from not running maple.

From a crafting perspective

As with the business suit from the previous superior the Dragon Emperor’s Cloak has a higher than normal essence value, though this time the reduction only drops it down to 5. The main advantage it has here is that is only uses common and uncommon resources, making it much easier to fit into your rotation as it’s not drinking ether like it’s going out of fashion.

And thanks to it having evasion it’s actually a pretty fantastic item for Dragon Invasion.

From a meta perspective

A pretty solid option for the cloak slot on your heroes and truthfully wasn’t expecting there to be 2 defensive-based cloaks in such a short time period. Whether to use this or Coastal Towel comes down to the type of hero you’re using it on – Dragon Emperor Cloak for the evasion-based classes, Coastal Towel for the non-evasion ones.


  • Much more colourful wallpaper compared to last pack.
  • A new contender for how fast can we obsolete a pack (though still not quite as fast as Swan’s Edge.)
  • And a lot of new best-in-slot options.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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