Impackt: Moon Festival

Nothing to be over the moon about

Moonlight Kimono (T11 Clothes)
Moonlight Zōri (T5 Light Footwear)
Usagi Banner/Mochi Snack Table (Decorations)
Festival Kimono/Geta (Avatar Items)


Moonlight Zōri (T5 Light Footwear)
74 DEF/5 HP
49 Leather/12 Iron/10 Fabric/2 Moon Crystal

A fashionable pair of shoes for your levelling heroes, the iron requirement can be completely removed by ascension making these a pretty cheap crafting option at the low end. There wasn’t exactly a shortage of shoes with regards to the ascension track but hey more options never hurts right.

Moonlight Kimono (T11 Clothes)
270 DEF/68 ATK
338 Leather/98 Fabric/31 Ether/1 Sigil of Spark/4 Crystal Lullaby

From a crafting perspective

A return to normality again after having packs where the resources were very unusual. The Ether cost can be dropped to 23 with ascension so it’s not a terrible option, however we’ve definitely had better options for your leather craft slot (such as Cat Burglar Outfit.)

From a meta perspective

It has been a very long time since we had some ATK focused Clothes (we’re talking Easter 2020 since we last had an option here.) Unfortunately it’s not really anything spectacular – the attack gain does not offset the survivability hit you take.

Useful for a pure glass cannon build and for chasing the Hero Power dragon but I would not advise swapping out your Republic Garments for it.

Superior Pack

Tsukuyomi (T11 Sword)
Moonlight Wand (T11 Wand)
Moontouched Tile/Moonlight Usagi (Flooring/Wallpaper)
Tsukuyomi (T11 Sword)
600 ATK/5% Critical Hit Chance
354 Iron/103 Steel/25 Jewels/1 Sigil of Might/3 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

Initially a bit expensive on the jewel front, it has both a mastery and an ascension that can reduce it down to 17 jewels. This does mean there’s no milestone for lowering the grim talon cost but that’s not really a dealbreaker. Pretty solid option, although if you have the Dogbone Blaster I’d keep with that for crafing.

From a meta perspective

Marking the second t11 pack sword of the era, we can compare this against the Elegant Rapier (580 ATK, 18 HP) to get an idea of where it might fit in.

Although we have to sacrifice the HP, Tsukuyomi has its places – Sensei’s, Conquistadors (only if they have warlord. If not they should be using dogbone.) and Samurai will appreciate the extra crit and damage upgrade, but for the Red-types like Mercenary and Lord you’d be better off sticking with Elegant.

Whether you plan to solo with that hero also plays into deciding which one you should use (solo may prefer the health from Elegant.) Either way, quite a nice sword.

From a cosmetic perspective

It does look pretty damned cool.

Moonlight Wand (T11 Wand)
720 ATK/22 HP
319 Iron/93 Steel/34 Jewels/1 Sigil of Spark/5 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

Unusual for the Wand line in that it requires metals instead of wood Moonlight also carries a pretty hefty jewel requirement – can only be lowered to 27 after ascension. It has an ascension to lower the Grim Talon count by 1, so now you ask yourself if you want to craft this or the sword from this pack, or the Dogbone Blaster from the dog pack :)

From a meta perspective

Say hello to the new best-in-slot Wand (farewell Grimar’s Grand Wand1.)

Moonlight easily takes the place as the best weapon choice for your caster without contest. The sheer damage/survival you gain from it make it an incredible weapon and you should go buy lots of them right now stop reading this go buy.


  • Moonlight Zōri gives your levelling heroes some fashionable shoes
  • The Moonlight Kimono fails to dazzle, it’s eclipsed by its predecessor Republic Garments.
  • Tsukuyomi is an interesting addition to the high-end sword game
  • Moonlight Wand is awesome

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. 14.5 Swan’s Edges/24.86 Barkback’s!

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