Impackt: Music

I was supposed to play the trumpet but I blew it.

Smash Hit (T13 Mace)
Fluted Chime(T8 Staff)
Speakers/Grand Piano/Harp (Decorations)
Headphones (Avatar Items)


It’s a low level staff. You could use it on an archmage whilst you level it as their innate will buff it to a level that makes it work but it’s not exactly going to be in high demand.

From a crafting perspective

For crafting purposes the Smash Hit is an ok option for wood crafting. It has low ether costs whilst also maintaining the standard essence value (essence costs are going to be a main factor we keep in mind for evaluating pack items.)

Unfortunately it doesn’t have much going for outside of that low ether cost – it’s not going to be great for Dragon Invasion nor will there be a high demand for it on market.

From a meta perspective

Smash Hit isn’t really a hit at all. With its low attack value it finds itself largely relegated to being a tank weapon (and warlord geomancers just cause they have nothing else, my condolences if you have ended up in that situation.)

Whilst you can make it come out ahead of other options if you do some affinity gear swaps we’re talking a very minor upgrade at best (like +4 hp in some cases.) It’s really not worth it.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Slide Grease (T13 Herbal Medicine)
Sonic Trumpeteer (T13 Gun)
Treble Wall/Musical Wall (Wallpaper)
Piano Keys/Arpegio Floor (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Oh hi precious shells I was worried Kabam had forgotten about you :P.

The lack of a tier 3 resource here is a very welcoming sight for Sonic Trumpeteer as it means we’re only bound by Essence (which with the buff Kabam gave has shown so far to be pretty reasonable in terms of regen, given that Zolea also is a fairly frequent visitor.)

It only slightly loses out to the Gift Wrap Rifle in terms of Dragon Invasion power but it’s still a pretty darned good blueprint to have on your craft rotation.

From a meta perspective

Sonic Trumpeteer is the new best-in-slot gun by far. It ties with Vainglory for the #1 spot of highest base attack weapon and brings a hefty chunk of health along with it. The air affinity is much loved by Wardens as well, allowing for a painless transition from Baross’ Backup (unless you got Crossbow Mastery in which case my condolences.)

From a crafting perspective

Hey look more shells!

Cheaper on the resource end of things (the ether cost can be lowered to 27 by ascension) and has a good base value the Slide Grease will happily slip into your rotation.

It not being a spell means of course it has 0 chance of being good for Dragon Invasion – there’s greater odds of me walking into Narnia than there is for a non-spell to come up in the top end of the accessory category.

From a meta perspective

Slide Grease is the best Herbal Medicine.
Like nothing else comes close.


  • Smash Hit should have been an Axe
  • Sonic Trumpeteer is the new best gun and weapon overall.
  • Slide Grease is the new best herbal medicine.
  • In the interests of avoiding future repetition we’ll only mention Essence costs if it’s not the standard 5 or lacks reduction.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4/10
Superior Pack: 10/10

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In order to see the mega pack you need to buy the regular pack withing 24h of it showing up to you. There’s no way as far as I know to buy it without first buying the regular pack. If you buy the regular pack and the mega doesn’t show up, you can contact customer support, after which they will tell you to buy I think the 1000gems pack and not spend the gems, then they take the gems from your account and add the mega pack items to your account. Hope that helps.

Sorry, in order to see the superior pack you need to buy the mega pack first. Got it mixed up a bit.

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