Impackt: Musketeer

One day we might get Impackt: Monk

Épée d’Artagnan (T12 Sword)
Musketeer Hat (T8 Rogue Hat)
Musketeer Emblem/Training Dummy (Decorations)
Musketeer Shirt/Musketeer Sword (Avatar Items)


Musketeer Hat (T8 Rogue Hat)
175 DEF/15 HP
214 Leather/57 Fabric/6 Jewels/1 Feathered Hat (Superior)/4 Silk Scarab

Stylish and packing a respectable amount of health the Musketeer Hat is a fantastic option for your levelling green-types that aren’t monks or musketeers (yeah I know, musketeer can’t wear the hat named after them. It’s like how berserkers can’t wear a berserker helmet without being promoted to a jarl.) The precraft can be reduced to normal quality with the first mastery milestone so it’s not too bad.

Épée d’Artagnan (T12 Sword)
760 ATK/7% Critical Hit Chance
Airship Power: 1,034
400 Iron/120 Steel/34 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Grace/5 Boreal Gale

From a crafting perspective

Another week of metal crafts but this time around the Épée d’Artagnan is the clear winner. We can lower the jewel cost to 24 with ascension and the use of Bleakspire components can help with market costs if you buy them instead of gathering yourself.

At 1,034 Airship Power it matches the Power Flipper for second highest weapon craft for Dragon Invasion. Definitely worthy of your metal craft slot.

From a meta perspective

It’s the return of the 7% Critical Hit Chance! Well to be more precise it’s a copy of Power Flipper but in sword form instead.

With an impressive 760 attack and 7% critical hit chance (which is a bit of a weird number) the Power Flipper Épée d’Artagnan easily takes the spot as the best-in-slot Bow Sword. Most bow-using Sword-using classes happen to favour critical hit builds which the flipper Épée is happy to help them achieve.

Don’t rush to use it on your Lords or Mercenaries but for all others this is a good pick (so long as you can take the defence lost from not using Titan Sword. Shouldn’t be a problem just figured I’d mention it.)

Superior Pack

Gants d’Artagnan (T12 Gloves)
Majestic Hallway/Majestic Flooring (Wallpaper/Flooring)


Gants d’Artagnan (T12 Gloves)
310 DEF/7% EVA
Airship Power: 632
404 Leather/123 Fabric/40 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Grace/3 Raw Obsidian

From a crafting perspective

So the fascinating thing with the Gants d’Artagnan is their ascension track – it’s 3 lots of reduce jewel amount by 10, meaning fully ascended they only need 10 jewels which is quite the significant reduction (I did check with Kabam and that is intended.) This does come at a tradeoff in that it does not have the standard +10% chance to multicraft on it, however the speed at which you’ll be able to craft them compared to others due to that low jewel cost should compensate for it.

They also happen to be the best item for Dragon Invasion is the Misc Armor section. Really should consider getting your hands on these.

From a meta perspective

It has been a long time since we had some new high tier evasion gloves (1 year 5 months.) The Gants d’Artagnan decide to break the traditional +5% evasion by going with +7%. These are pretty much a guaranteed include on your heroes if you’re in need of evasion, if not consider using Gloves of Rhythm instead.


  • A fancy looking hat named after a class that can’t wear it
  • Épée d’Artagnan is the new sword king
  • Gants d’Artagnan is an insane craft and a great piece of equipment

Final Scores

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 10/10

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