Impackt: Mystic Duo

The tier 10 pack train begins

Pack Contents
Wizard Attire (T6 Clothes)
Prayer Book (T10 Spell)
Astral Observatory/Foretelling Globe (Decorations)
Magnificent Magnifier/Freyja’s Shawl (Avatar Items)


Wizard Attire (T6 Clothes)
120 DEF (presume bugged)
127 Leather, 33 Silk, 16 Oil,
Black Robe, 4 White Sand

Well well well, what do we have here: a tier 6 with a precraft and no dual-stat (missing secondary is likely a bug.) Can’t super fairly judge it without that stat but just going by its crafting costs I’d avoid it like Wall of Force after 4.3 Fast Leaner in slot 4.

Prayer Book (T10 Spell)
700 ATK, 140 DEF
290 Herbs, 82 Oil, 22 Ether,
4 Crystal Lullaby, 2 Silk Scarab

From a crafting perspective: The rare resource cost for tier 10’s is going to take some time to adjust to. With ascensions you can get this down to only 3 temple mats/1 scarab and it’s a sensible pairing.

From a meta perspective: This is the new best-in-slot spell – it’s a flat upgrade from Imperial Decree. A nice boost to your blue type heroes (I’ll be honest there’s not really anything else I can say.)


Two indoor furnishing objects in this pack

Taken against a neutral background

The Astral Observatory looks incredibly fancy, I am disappointed it has no animations though. The Foretelling Globe isn’t bad either.

There are 2 colours that can be changed on the robe:
-The shawl
-The trim on the robe.

As for the Magnificent Magnifier, I recorded a video of it in action:

Superior Item

The superior pack is once again 2 items – this time we have a wand and an amulet.

Freyja Talisman (T10 Amulet)
250 DEF, 63 ATK
218 Iron, 62 Steel, 22 Jewels,
4 Crystal Lullaby, 2 Silk Scarabs

From a crafting perspective: With ascensions you can lower it to 15 jewels and remove the silk scarabs which is pretty good. 4 Sunken mats makes it a competitive choice.

From a meta perspective: It’s a straight upgrade from Ursa Totem, much like how Prayer Book was an upgrade over Imperial Decree. Looks more stylish as well.

Grimar’s Grand Wand
560 ATK, 140 DEF
306 Wood, 87 Hardwood, 25 Ether,
4 Precious Shell, 2 Chronos Crystals

From a crafting perspective: Ascension can remove the Chronos Crystals and lower the Ether to 20 – still a bit high but workable.

From a meta perspective: Well the Equinox Rod didn’t last long. Make sure to check with your heroes first but for the majority they will find Grimar’s is a solid upgrade for them.


  • Only purpose the Clothes has is for ascension fodder and that’s being generous.
  • New spell is a straight upgrade from Imperial Decree.
  • Freyja Talisman is a solid amulet from both crafting and meta.
  • Grimar’s defeats Equinox in the majority of cases.
  • Still no animated furniture but it does look fancy. Same with the avatar clothes.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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Thanks Reiga, I cant believe they replaced the wand so quick – weird move when so many other items are good options

Yeah, I honestly thought we’d have seen a crossbow first before a second wand. I mean it’s great we’re getting items for the premium lines, just this was a surprise.

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