Impackt: Neonpunk

Do shopkeepers dream of electric customers?

Mega Pack

The M.A.U.L. (T13 Mace)
Packed Takeout (T9 Meal)
Hologram/Snack Machine (Indoor Decorations)
Streetrunner’s Outfit/Streetrunner Shoes (Avatar Items)


Not a great crafting option since it costs a fair amount of Scarabs plus Haunted Castle components. Plus it’s got the highest base Herb / Oil cost of all T9 Herb items (minus Tyrant).

Packed Takeout isn’t a bad choice for leveling heroes, but its status as a Meal means it has decent competition.

From a crafting perspective

I think we’re running out of ways to say “it’s a metal item with a high Essence cost and Plasma Saber exists”. You can drop the Essence cost to 5 via crafting milestones and it’s an OK Steel / Jewel item if you don’t have the Saber, at least.

There are plenty of better weapons for DI.

From a meta perspective

The M.A.U.L. is a Mace which unfortunately dooms it to “mediocre” without giving it much of a chance to stand out. It’s a slight upgrade over Smash Hit which is neither an axe nor an instrument no i’m not mad you’re mad so any class forced to use a Mace via weapon skill will be happy. Otherwise, you usually have better options.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Hazmat Mask (T13 Rogue Hat)
Electro-Keytar (T13 Instrument)
Metropolis Night (Wallpaper)
Cybertech Tile (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

It’s been a bit since we had a cloth item (last one was Magician’s Hat in early January). This one has a nasty 7 essence cost that can only be reduced to 6. The Silk and Ether costs are a little on the high side as well so this isn’t a great option for your crafting rotation.

However, Hazmat Mask is a pretty strong choice for your Miscellaneous Armor slot in DI. It’s the fourth best item overall in this slot when unenchanted and tied with Titan Boots for third when double enchanted.

From a meta perspective

If your Rogues are using Hooded Iggaak, this is a direct upgrade. Thieves / Dancers in particular will appreciate having a new Affinity option since this is essentially a better Dragonseeker Goggles.

If you’re using Wereboar’s Hood and survivability is fine, you can skip it.

From a crafting perspective

Another metal-centric item, oh boy! Like Hazmat Mask, this has a hefty Essence cost that can only be reduced to 6. Downside is that this one requires Ascension. It’s more expensive to craft than the M.A.U.L. which isn’t great. Kinda funny how we went from a streak of very few items using Astral Fabric to at least one item every pack.

This is a great choice for DI if you missed Final Death from the Halloween content pass.

From a meta perspective

This marks the first premium Instrument! It does not disappoint and this is easily the best weapon for any hero who can use it.



  • Does this outfit make me look fat?
  • Get some takeout noodles to fuel up for your nightly punk escapades.
  • Another Guitar themed blueprint that is not an Axe.
  • Embrace Metal as the new Precious Shell.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4.5/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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