Impackt: New Year 2023

Reining in the New Year with for Warlocks

Lost Star Chart (T12 Spell)
Creamy Scallops (T7 Meal)
Gramophone/New Year Tiny Ben (Decorations)
Trumpet/Wig & Bandana (Avatar Items)


Creamy Scallops (T7 Meal)
68 ATK/101 HP
Affinity: None
163 Herbs/40 Oil/3 Mintyleaf Herb/6 Bronze Fang

The mintyleaf precraft can be lowered to 1 via mastery and ascension leaving us with a fairly reasonable low tier herb craft. Some minor uses on levelling heroes but nothing that makes it stand out.

Lost Star Chart (T12 Spell)
1240 ATK/248 DEF
Affinity: Dark
Airship Power: 1290
421 Herbs/134 Oil/40 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Spark/3 Raw Obsidian

From a crafting perspective

Slightly unusual with its Jewel use the Lost Star Chart is a pretty good option for your herb crafting slot. We can lower the jewel cost to 30 and we have 2 milestones to reduce the oil cost (there are no ways to reduce the use of 3 Raw Obsidian which is a bit annoying in terms of cost.)

For Dragon Invasion the Lost Star Chart is the best accessory item (and also the highest scoring unenchanted item in general.) The Dark affinity on it also helps if you like to enchant your gear that you donate.

From a meta perspective

Well that’s one hell of a spell to end the year with. The Lost Star Chart is the new best friend of Warlocks (that Dark affinity really helping them out as it frees them from other items) and is welcomed by nearly all who can use it as it’s the highest attack spell (however, please take care if swapping from Pharaoh’s Pact as you might find the loss of health gets you killed.)


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Bastion of Dawn (T12 Shield)
Glazed Mirror Cake (T12 Dessert)
Art Deco Floor/Art Deco Wall(Flooring/Wallpaper)


Bastion of Dawn (T12 Shield)
100 ATK/400 DEF
Affinity: Light
Airship Power: 560
400 Iron/120 Steel/46 Jewel/1 Sigil of True Might/3 Raw Obsidian

From a crafting perspective

It’s not looking good for the bastion for crafting purposes – it’s running on the higher side for jewel costs and there’s many better options recently for iron (like the gun/mace from the last pack, or the ring from the one before that, or the bow from the one before that one you get the idea we’ve had a steady stream of way better metal choices.)

That’s also a pretty bad airship power score too.

From a meta perspective

For bishops the Bastion of Dawn becomes the new best option for their shield slot replacing the Titan Shield – the bonus attack is a very big help for them.

Outside of that, it’s kind of lacking. Yes it has slightly more defence than the Titan Shield but some of the other shield wearers would want the secondary health stat instead of more attack (such as Lords for example) and the extra defence is not enough to compensate for that loss.

Glazed Mirror Cake (T12 Dessert)
122 ATK/122 HP
Affinity: Gold
Airship Power: 708
421 Herbs/134 Oil/50 Ether/1 Sigil of True Might/3 Raw Obsidian

From a crafting perspective

Speaking of high on the rare resource side we’ve got the mirror cake here with a nice 50 ether required, only being lowered to 40 with ascensions. The ascension track is interesting here as we have 2 multicraft options (the first gives +5%, the second gives +10%.)

Presuming you bought the mega pack to trigger this offer i’d stick with using the spell for your herb slot. If you got here by flashbacks we’d still not be in a rush to make it part of your regular rotation.

From a meta perspective

On the other hand the Glazed Mirror Cake is a pretty awesome item for using on your heroes. This takes the best-in-slot option for your Warlocks (it shares the same spot as gloves), your Grandmasters and basically anywhere else you’d consider running a dessert.

And hey you never know one day we might get a hero class that uses the gold element as its primary (so not spellblades) that can take advantage of it.


  • Obligatory black and gold theme reappears again for this new years pack.
  • Warlocks totally needed a dark-affinity T12 spell.
  • Celebrate with cake
  • Which I guess you could serve up on the shield.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 7/10 (if you don’t own Kaipo 4/10.)

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Yeah, it was :P
The spell is great for them just they weren’t exactly lacking in power already. In terms of classes that need new items to help them I’d have them as a much lower priority compared to say Archmages for example.

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