Impackt: New Year 2024

Maybe next year…

Crystal Dew (T13 Herbal Medicine)
Star Lancer (T8 Spear)
Crystal Gate (Outdoor Decoration)
2024 Garland (Wall Decoration)
2024 Balloon/2024 Headband (Avatar Items)


Nothing remarkable worth noting.

From a crafting perspective

Slightly disappointing milestones – there are 2 which provide a single -1 reduction to the Zirconia Eggshells and the essence cost can be reduced to baseline with the first ascension.

Cheaper on the rare resource front compared to some other metal options we’ve had in the past few packs – if you missed them this isn’t a bad choice.

From a meta perspective

Use this over Sandman’s Pouch if you find you need more survival for your medicine wielding hero.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Crystal Sollerets (T13 Boots)
Crystal Arches (Wallpaper)
Crystal Tiles (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

We’ve had significantly better metal craft options recently.

From a meta perspective

Attack-based boots have limited uses as most of the boot wearing classes would prefer survival stats here instead. Use the hero simulator to figure out if you want to use them or not on your tank, this will be a case-by-case thing.

Tl;dr: no.


  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 4/10

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