Impackt: Office

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Billionaire Brew (T13 Potion)
Ruler of Rulers (T6 Sword)
Office Desk/Water Cooler (Indoor Decorations)
Office Shirt/The Brick (Avatar Items)


A low tier sword that forgoes the usual metal requirements and instead uses wood/ironwood (Kabam does know you can get metal rulers right? :P.) Reasonable attack value for its tier as well.

From a crafting perspective

An incredibly high ether cost awaits those who wish to use Billionaire Brew as their main herb blueprint. Whilst the milestone to reduce that ether cost is fortunately on the mastery track it still only brings it down to 42 leaving it higher than a lot of other t13 ether prints before they’ve had their own reduction applied.

And it being a potion means it ain’t going to be great for Dragon Invasion either (maybe one day we’ll see the spell dominance end1.)

From a meta perspective

An offensive version of the Satchel of Essentials. Great for more damage-based Chieftains and Jarls and also good for Conquistadors, though you’ll need to play the affinity shuffle game if you use it on them.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Business Suit (T13 Clothes)
City Skyline/Office Wall (Wallpaper)
Office Rugs (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

The Business Suit runs into the same problem that the potion from the mega pack does, just replace the word “herb” with “leather”. Starts at a higher than normal essence value though the ascension brings it back down to expected levels.

Reasonable for DI at least and it does look pretty sharp.

From a meta perspective

It has been a long time since we had a high tier premium Clothes option and the Business Suit doesn’t disappoint on the meta front. A great attack option for your casters should you feel you don’t need the health from Ice Queen’s Silks and takes its place as best-in-slot.


  • That wallpaper is dull as heck
  • Cry at the ether costs for both the mega and superior packs
  • The animation for the phone though is very fitting for when I (Rei) was writing this.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 6/10
Superior Pack: 7/10

  1. not bloody likely

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