Impackt: Oktoberfest Mega Pack

Thus ends the reign of patchleather and harvester

Pack Contents
Convenient Pendant (T6 Amulet Blueprint)
Mountain Man Mitts (T9 Gloves Blueprint)
Cider Counter/Alpenhorn (Decoration)
Lederhosen/Alpine Hat (Clothing)


Convenient Pendant (T6 Amulet)
29 ATK, 31 HP
74 Iron, 49 Leather, 19 Steel
4 Moon Crystal

Accessories have always been a bit of a weird one when it comes to crafting resources. Whereas before it’d just be a minor quirk whilst you crafted through them, this won’t be a super pleasant blueprint if the king chooses it during caprice. Still, not a bad item for leveling heroes.

Mountain Man Mitts (T9 Gloves)
170 DEF, 5% EVA
259 Leather, 72 Silk, 16 Ether
4 Spooky Ectoplasm, 3 Overgrown Vine

From a crafting perspective: As blueprints go this is pretty expensive in the rare resource department and the ascension tree can’t lend a hand here – it reduces the silk cost by a further 14 instead of affecting the ether cost. If your goal is just to spam craft an item to sell in your shop, it doesn’t really beat out the other t9 pack options. That said quality procs should sell pretty well on the market because….

From a meta perspective: Rest in peace patchleather bracers. After 10 months it has been dethroned with this, because Mountain Man Mitts also gives that sweet 5% evasion but brings significantly more defence with it.


There was 1 indoor and 1 outdoor decoration in this pack.

Taken against a neutral background

The Cider Counter is *big*. But hey at least it’s not another bed. Disappointed in no animation.

Taken against a neutral background

A nice horn to display on your front garden. No animation either.

Colour Options:
Hat: the leaf can be colour-changed
Lederhosen: the shirt can be colour-changed and the braces can as well.
No way to edit the green lower garment.

Superior Item

It’s another double superior!

Grand Tyrolean (T9 Rogue Hat)
54 ATK, 215 DEF
275 Leather, 77 Silk, 14 Ether,
2 Ghastly Pennant, 3 Thread of Fate

From a crafting perspective: This is a pretty nice craft for your cloth slot. Although initially requiring 5 castle mats, ascended lowers it to 3 and there’s an argument to be made that at least with it being castle mats you don’t need to send heroes to a lower dungeon.

From a meta perspective: Well this pack is taking names, having killed off both patchleather and now harvester hood. I mean damn harvester would literally have been 1 year old uncontested tomorrow. No reason to not use this hat basically.

Handcask ’65 (T9 Gun)
530 ATK, 133 DEF
302 Iron, 77 Steel, 11 Jewels,
3 Ghastly Pennant, 5 Evil Eye

From a crafting perspective: Damned awesome and is now the contender for your iron slot, with ascensions it drops to 9 jewels/4 eyes. The only downside is you’d need 2 iron bins compared to Seafarers 1, but in return it requires less rare resources and cheaper materials.

From a meta perspective: Much like how the equinox wand was awesome as hell the handcask also joins the fray. Although it’s defence instead of health it’s a pretty solid weapon pick. If the hero can’t hold a wand it should use this where possible.


  • The amulet brings an extra health option to leveling heroes.
  • Moutain Man Mitts has done what was considered impossible and dethroned patchleather bracers.
  • Grand Tylorean murdered Harvester Hood just before it turned 1
  • Handcask is incredible for crafting and a solid weapon by itself
  • We got some more outdoor furniture. Still no animation.
  • Merchant items felt a bit restricted on what you could do to them.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 10/10

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