Impackt: Pharaoh

Hopefully doesn’t involve a pyramid scheme

Pharaoh’s Pact (T12 Spell)
Pharaoh’s Nemes (T5 Rogue Hat)
Anubis Plushie/Grand Pyramid (Decorations)
Anubis Head/Anubis Outfit (Avatar Items)


Pharaoh’s Nemes (T5 Rogue Hat)
20 ATK/80 DEF
49 Leather/25 Iron/10 Fabric/3 White Sand

Pharaoh’s Nemes has 2 time reduction milestones – 1 through mastery and 1 through ascension. It’s also possible to remove the iron cost making this a pretty spammable low leather option (if it had been T6 or 7 that would have been awesome for sigils.)

Pharaoh’s Pact (T12 Spell)
1200 ATK/37 HP
Airship Power: 1,145
364 Iron/111 Steel/46 Ether/1 Sigil of True Spark/8 Silk Scarab

From a crafting perspective

An unusual pairing for the spell line Pharaoh’s Pact calls for the use of iron and steel instead. The Silk Scarab cost can be reduced to 5 via ascension and also helps keep the crafting cost down as it’s not asking for Cinderlake materials. Also dethrones the Hotshot Carbine as the best item for Dragon Invasion.

In summary: it’s pretty cool.

From a meta perspective

Pharaoh’s Pact is hands down the best-in-slot spell option for the vast majority of cases – it boasts the same attack as The Bound Beast and a very healthy amount of, well, health. It’d be easier for me to list scenarios you would perhaps not run it:

  • Spellknights still get more damage from Phoenix Litany.
  • Druid could consider keeping Tome of All-Knowledge for the defence (they generally have enough health already) if the increased attack wouldn’t lower your HtK.


The eye on top of the pyramid spins in a circle.

Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Pharaoh’s Ankh (T12 Staff)
Hieroglyph/Tomb Tiles (Wallpaper/Flooring)


Pharaoh’s Ankh (T12 Staff)
760 ATK/24 HP
Affinity: Dark / Wolf
Airship Power: 728
400 Iron/105 Steel/46 Ether/1 Sigil of True Spark/3 Magma Core

From a crafting perspective

Hey look it’s more metal-based blueprints! Though not as nice as the pact from the mega pack due to the use of Cinderlake components (driving up the cost significantly) and a very meh airship power stat. Honestly could skip crafting this.

From a meta perspective

So there isn’t going to be a tremendous demand for this staff and that’s down to the whole staffs got ruined when they started releasing premium wands – in this case we have the Ivory Queen Rod for most spellcasters.

That being said Pharaoh’s Ankh does have a place on Spellblades/Spellknights – this is their new best-in-slot weapon (as they can’t use wands and it has the highest attack/best secondary stat available to them, along with having an affinity for extra fun.)

So not without purpose, just not a large range of places to use it.



  • A shame Pharaoh’s Nemes isn’t one or two tiers higher.
  • Pharaoh’s Pact is the new best spell by a pretty decent margin.
  • Pharaoh’s Ankh isn’t great but it does have some uses.
  • Decorate your shop to look like you live in a pyramid
  • And wear a really silly looking head.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 4/10

Rei’s Personal Rating: 10/10

4 replies on “Impackt: Pharaoh”

So as a general rule for a pack to get 10/10 it needs to have nothing that I’d fault it for.

in the case of the Pharaoh’s Pact whilst it has great component costs making it a lot cheaper than most T12 items to craft we should not disregard that’s a really high Ether cost – even with reduction from its ascensions you still end up needing 37. This matters because
A) Ether/Jewels are always going to be your bottleneck for crafting high tier items
B) We’ve had quite a few metal-craft T12 pack items and they all have way better cost reductions on that front -Titan Sword for example is 31 base, can be lowered to 23.

46 as a further note is the most expensive any blueprint has been for T3 resources.

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