Impackt: Polar Unicorn

Chilling Stuff

Ice Queen’s Silks (T12 Clothes)
Tale of the Unicorn (T7 Spell)
Frozen Mirror/Ice Palace Table (Decorations)
Unicorn Tiara/Ice Staff (Avatar Items)


Tale of the Unicorn (T7 Spell)
450 ATK/14 HP
Affinity: Water
155 Herbs/78 Leather/39 Oil/1 Bubble Element (Normal)/4 Silk Scarab

Although it has a precraft you can remove it with the first ascension, leaving it as a pretty okay tier 7 craft. It’ll have some uses on your levelling spellcasters but it’s not a big change compared to already existing options (Firework Bundle.)

Ice Queen’s Silks (T12 Clothes)
365 DEF/23 HP
Affinity: Water
Airship Power: 553
421 Leather/134 Fabric/38 Jewel/1 Sigil of True Spark/4 Zirconia Eggshell

From a crafting perspective

A little unusual in that it uses jewels instead of ether the Ice Queen’s Silks is a reasonable pick for your leather craft slot. The jewel count can be reduced to 30 via ascension though it’s worth noting there is no way to lower that pretty high leather cost – the milestone that would normally reduce it has been replaced with a second craft time reduction one.

For Dragon Invasion it ties with the Stylish Poncho for 3rd place for the armour slot however the silks have the advantage of haivng an affinity – if you like to enchant your gear for it it’s the second best option losing only to Tyrant Plate Armor.

From a meta perspective

Ice Queen Silk’s takes the place as the best-in-slot clothes options for your heroes if you’re looking some for survivability. The water affinity is loved both by monks (though when we get to the superior you’ll see why this is less important) and geomancers – due to how their innate works (+1% attack per element total) this works out as a fantastic option for both survival and damage for them.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Crystalice Loop (T12 Ring)
Ice Queen’s Palace/Ice Queen’s Crystal (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Crystalice Loop (T12 Ring)
425 ATK/106 DEF
Affinity: Water
Airship Power: 467
404 Iron/123 Steel/34 Ether/1 Sigil of True Spark/ 4 Boreal Gale

From a crafting perspective

We know right Kabam remembered rings exist as an option when creating items for a seasonal pack. As with the Ice Queen’s Silks it calls for a different rare resource than normal and again has 2 time reduction milestones, though in this case it came at the cost of a component reduction one instead of a primary resource.

Airship Power-wise yeah not a remote chance, that category is dominated by spells and high value defence items. As a general option for your iron slot though it’s a great pick.

From a meta perspective

If you listen carefully enough you can hear the rejoicing of monks all across the world. The Crystalice Loop comfortably takes the spot of best-in-slot ring and should be used pretty much everywhere you’re running one at the minute – the only thing that might hold you back is the cost (in the case of monks for example they’ll want 2 copies of this.)


  • “We’re gonna add a unicorn pack and not include any new skins for your unicorn pets.”
  • The Ice Queen’s Silks are a stylish new clothing option that’s worth serious consideration.
  • The Crystallice Loop is the long awaited Tier 12 pack ring. Probably looking at December 2023 before we get another new high tier one.
  • Make jokes about your horn in world chat whilst wearing the new hat.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 10/10

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You get offered the Superior pack if you buy the Mega Pack and then buy a Flashback pack. It is basically for whales only.

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