Impackt: Pollux Mega Pack

Is it a complete load of Pollux?

Raptor Reaper (T6 Axe)
Raptor Wings (T11 Gloves)
Comfy Nest/Birdhouse (Decoration)
Ruffled Feathercoat/Owl Mask (Avatar Items)


Raptor Reaper (T6 Axe)
220 ATK/7 HP
113 Wood/29 Ironwood/1 Tomahawk/3 Webbed Wing

A tier 6 axe that has a precraft like the baseline tier 6 axe and has no way to remove it. At least it’s not a quality required one and it does mean the Axe line is slightly cheaper to ascend now.

Raptor Wings (T11 Gloves)
240 DEF/5% Evasion
338 Leather/98 Fabric/31 Ether/1 Sigil of Grace/3 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective: running on the higher side of Ether costs for the leather slot though ascensions can drop it to 25. You can also ascend to make it only require 2 Grim Talons – not a big deal with the current state of the market, but this will change in time (if nothing else, when tier 12 releases)

Not as pleasant to craft as an ascended sombrero from the previous pack, however it will be a pretty good seller on the market for a long time as:

From a meta perspective: this is the new best-in-slot gloves for your Green types, dethroning Mountain Man Mitts1. The increased defence is very welcome for when it comes to bosses like Harpy Matriarch Hard.

However: the glove slot is generally one you can afford to choose lower tier options on such as the Patchleather Bracers as they’ll still provide the main reason you want them (5% evasion.) Whilst the Raptor Wings are a nice upgrade (more so for solo heroes) don’t rule out cheaper alternatives/potential break bait when gearing your Green-types.


There is one indoor and one outside decoration this time.

Taken against a neutral background

Doesn’t look that comfy to me. No animations either.

The birdhouse looks pretty cool, though again no animations (could have been nice to see a bird fly there occasionally or something.)

Avatar Items

We have a new top and a new face item.

Caw caw caw

The mask cannot be customised. For the top you can change the colour of the jacket and the colour of the feather trim.

Superior Pack

Raptor Talons (T11 Light Footwear)
Tweety Tracks/Tweety Trees (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Raptor Talons (T11 Light Footwear)
270 DEF/68 ATK
338 Leather/98 Fabric/31 Ether/1 Sigil of Grace/2 Raptoria (common)

From a crafting perspective: leather is apparently in vogue at Kabam Montreal :P. If we compare it to the Raptor Wings from the mega pack we can again make it use 25 Ether with ascensions.

The precraft requirement this time can’t be fully removed, however:

1) It uses an item that doesn’t itself have any annoying requirements
2) The amount required can be reduced by 1 from the crafting milestones – you don’t need to use any ascension shards on it.

Whether you should craft it over the wings comes down to your choice of either needing Grim Talons or you don’t mind using some wood and ironwood2.

From a meta perspective:

Whilst it looks colourful edgy and is fair on the craft front, it unfortunately doesn’t do a lot for the rogue hat shoes gang. Republic Coiffe Cloudwalker Steps will still be the better option in the majority of scenarios as the extra health will have a much better effect on your heroes (more so given how hard Bleakspire monsters hit for.)

If you have a Sensei that’s chasing the hero power leaderboard this is a great pickup, and a hero focused entirely on damage with absolutely no care for its own survival can make use of it – just expect them to die more than they would if you had given it a coiffe cloudwalker instead.


This is the Tweety Tracks/Tweety Trees in action.

Significantly easier to handle than actual birds


  • Raptor Reaper is a tier 6 axe with the joy of a required precraft.
  • Raptor Wings are the new best-in-slot glove, though more so for solo/duo builds
  • Raptor Talons pushes the boundaries on how often the same word should be used for items in a pack.
  • Bird-themed furniture with missed opportunity for animating
  • Some feathery gear for your avatar.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 5/10

  1. 9.92 Swan’s Edges
  2. and if you have the sombrero from the Cinco pack, i’d still lean towards that over these two options.

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