Impackt: Pumpkin Party

Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.

Thorn Baron Helm (T12 Helmet)
Thorn Baron Armor (T6 Heavy Armor)
Pumpkin Pentagram/Decrepit Fence (Decorations)
Pumpkin Bonnet/Pumpkin Dress (Avatar Items)


Thorn Baron Armor
(T6 Heavy Armor)
115 DEF/7 HP
Affinity: Earth
99 Iron/25 Herb/6 Living Root

Although it has slightly less defence than the Hive Guard Plate the extra health makes it a good choice for your levelling tanks.

Thorn Baron Helm (T12 Helmet)
425 DEF/27 HP
Affinity: Earth
Airship Power: 645
400 Herb/105 Oil/38 Ether/1 Sigil of True Might/3 Magma Core

From a crafting perspective

An interesting Helmet that calls for the use of herbs instead of the standard metal setup. We can drop the Ether to 30 which is in line with other Helmets at this tier and with an Airship Power rating of 645 it is the best item to craft for the misc armor slot in Dragon Invasion.

Outside of that however, we have seen some better uses for your herb crafting slot (such as the Premium Brand Jam from the Fruity pack.) Wouldn’t be a bad craft choice just know we have got better ones in terms of herb craft.

From a meta perspective

With its high defence and health stats the Thorn Baron Helm easily takes the spot as the best-in-slot helmet for your tanking classes. This is a big jump up in survival compared to running either Cupid’s Heaume or Vermillion Guard Helm and should be used on your fighter-types except Samurai – they should stick to the Onyx King Helm for the extra attack.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Thorn of Scorn (T12 Sword)
Vampire Wings (T6 Cloak)
Hexwood/Hexwood (Pentagram)/Haunted Fence (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Vampire Wings (T6 Cloak)
38 ATK/150 DEF
Affinity: Dark
109 Leather/27 Fabric/5 Moon Crystal/5 Webbed Wing

Our first low-tier pack cloak! That’s about the only thing worth noting.

Thorn of Scorn (T12 Sword)
760 ATK/190 DEF
Affinity: Earth
Airship Power: 836
390 Wood/115 Ironwood/34 Ether/1 Sigil of True Might/ 3 Crush Claw

From a crafting perspective

The use of Wood over Iron does help the Thorn of Scorn standout a bit. It runs a bit high on the rare resource cost though for a Sword (it can only be lowered to 27, normally Swords will go lower than that like the Épée d’Artagnan from last pack.)

It doesn’t dethrone the wood craft king of Hotshot Carbine but given it has been a while since we got a high tier wood print in a pack, not a terrible choice.

From a meta perspective

Hey look it’s yet another sword! This time around we’ve got a sword with the more traditional attack/defence setup which topples the Titan Sword for most tank classes (Lords should consider sticking with the Titan due to the Light affinity or be ready to make that up from somewhere else.)

The Earth affinity makes this a very good friend for Mercenaries and it has potential for sword master/warlord Spellblades that aren’t crit-focused.



  • Yet more pumpkin pieces
  • Thorn Baron Helm is the new best-in-slot helmet for tanks.
  • We have the first low-tier pack cloak with the Vampire Wings.
  • Thorn of Scorn is also welcomed by tanks, just be careful if using it on a Lord.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

There will be a giveaway running this weekend (Saturday 22nd October) where you will have a chance to win both packs that are covered in this review. Keep an eye on the site or join us on the STC discord (link can be found on the homepage or under the community link menu.)

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