Impackt: Republic Day

Not sure Reinhold is a fan of this day

Republic Gauntlets (T7 Gauntlets)
Republic Coiffe (T10 Rogue Hat)
Marble Elephant/Lavish Pillows (Decoration)
Lehenga Choli/Sherwani (Avatar items)


Republic Gauntlets (T7 Gauntlets)
135 DEF/8 HP
155 Iron/78 Leather/39 Steel
4 Evil Eye

A minor upgrade from the Landsknecht Gauntlets. Follows the standard T7 rules of using 3 materials to craft and brings us 1 item closer to being able to ascend gauntlets to titan level (we just need 1 more pair.) Not a bad item for your heroes but we’re talking a marginal upgrade here, not a game changer.

Republic Coiffe (T10 Rogue Hat)
235 DEF/15 HP
306 Leather/87 Fabric/19 Ether
5 Deep Coral

From a crafting perspective: the Republic Coiffe is a pretty solid competitor for t10 leather crafts – with ascensions it can be lowered to 15 Ether and only uses one component type. A potential replacement for Swan’s Garment, depending if you value 1 more t10 component over requiring multiple ones.

From a meta perspective: we say goodbye to Grand Tyrolean1and hello to our new best-in-slot rogue hat. With health being a valuable stat for Green-types this hat can bring a nice chunk of surviability to your rogues.

Disclaimer: If your heroes are packing 80 vitality seeds due to the blossoms introduced in 6.1, whilst this is still an upgrade over Tyrolean it’s not massive, so don’t rush to replace in that scenario if you want to conserve gems2


There is one indoor and one outside piece of furniture.

Taken against a neutral background

I mean it’s a pile of pillows, can’t really say much else here :D

1 x Lonely Elephant

It’s a pretty cool looking elephant to be fair, it’s times like this it’d be nice if we could have duplicates of pack furniture.


This time we have 2 different tops – usually a pack has different slots for items:

Lehenga Choli

For the lehenga the top and skirt can be coloured individually. For the sherwani you can have one main colour and change the colour of the necklace.

Superior Pack

Republic Garments (T10 Clothes)
Golden Marble/Lotus Impressions (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Republic Garments (T10 Clothes)
220 DEF/14 HP
306 Leather/87 Fabric/25 Ether/4 Precious Shell

From a crafting perspective: it’s another leather craft! Though it requires 1 less component than the Coiffe when ascended, it uses 5 more Ether so I would still lean towards crafting the hat over this.

This would be the kind of time I’d say “well if you don’t have the Coiffe this is a good pick” but seeming you can’t possibly get this right now wihout owning the Coiffe, yeah kinda doesn’t apply here. :P

From a meta perspective: it is a minor upgrade from the Desert Threads. We’re talking so minor it can be lost in the margin of error for the combat sims. It is the new best-in-slot for your Blue-types and should be used when possible but if you already have Desert Threads on them, really don’t rush to replace it with this.


Golden Marble and Lotus Impressions in action.


  • Republic Gauntlets are a minor jump from landsknecht and bring us 1 step closer to Gauntlet Titan.
  • Republic Coiffe is the new best-in-slot for rogue hats and your leather crafting slot
  • Republic Garments looks cool, but is only a minor upgrade. Still best-in-slot though.
  • That elephant is going to be lonely as heck
  • 2 tops so you can only wear half the pack at a time

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior: 5/10

  1. 5.2 Swan’s Edges
  2. Although if you’re at the point you just want solo Delta Titan or LCoG 12 Keybearer for swag points, this is a big upgrade for those scenarios even with blossoms being a thing.

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