Impackt: Retro Arcade

Pew pew pew

Power Flipper (T12 Bow)
Button Masher (T7 Mace)
CrabPow! Machine/RetroTV Console (Decorations)
Retro Raygun/Health Bar (Avatar Items)


Button Masher (T7 Mace)
280 ATK/10% Critical Hit Chance
103 Iron/32 Steel/4 Star Metal/3 Evil Eye

That’s quite a lot of crit chance for a low tier weapon. Great for levelling crit geomancers and potentially chieftains (if you’re going an offensive build on them of course.)

Power Flipper (T12 Bow)
760 ATK/7% Critical Hit Chance
Airship Power: 1,034
364 Iron/111 Steel/32 Ether/1 Sigil of True Spark/2 Raw Obsidian

From a crafting perspective

Although the Power Flipper calls for metal it has kept the bow line signature of having a lower than normal rare resource cost. With 1,034 Airship Power it’s the second best weapon for Dragon Invasion in terms of base power (only just loses out to the Hotshot Carbine by 12 points.)

It’s also one of the better metal craft options we’ve had recently in general – definitely a worthy contender for your craft queue.

From a meta perspective

With an impressive 760 attack and 7% critical hit chance (which is a bit of a weird number) the Power Flipper easily takes the spot as the best-in-slot Bow. Most bow-using classes happen to favour critical hit builds which the flipper is happy to help them achieve.

That being said whilst it’s the best bow most classes who can wield it can get the Marksman skill for which we have much harder hitting weapons (the carbine for example if they can wield a gun.) The crit chance could possibly offset the damage loss but it’d be something you would need to ideally use the hero sim for as it’s going to be very dependant on what other skills you rolled.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Gamepad Mini (T12 Amulet)
Retro Carpet/Brickbroken (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Gamepad Mini (T12 Amulet)
425 DEF/27 HP
Airship Power: 645
300 Iron/90 Steel/41 Ether/1 Sigil of True Spark/2 Raw Obsidian

From a crafting perspective

The Gamepad Mini has a lower common/uncommon resource cost compared to the flipper and the Ether reduction milestone is a mastery rather than ascension one, although even after that it still requires more Ether than an unascended flipper. The airship power is also on the lower side with it failing to enter the top 10 accessories category (not the amulet’s fault just spells tend to smoke any other accessory due to how the power is calculated.)

Presuming you got here by buying the mega pack, I’d not rush to craft it over the flipper. If you got here by buying the superior in a flashback, not a bad option.

From a meta perspective

Gamepad Mini offers a formidable amount of survival and takes the title as the default best amulet option. That does come however with a small disclaimer that if you find your hero already survives well (for example it has a survival skill or you finish the fight pretty quick) you would be better served sticking with the Fellgrove Talisman. This is a “it’s nice but don’t rush to immediately drop your current amulets” scenario.



  • Button Masher is a great levelling option for crit heroes who can wield it.
  • Power Flipper is the new best bow but it’s unlikely to outshine other Marksman weapons for your hero.
  • Gamepad Mini will help your hero survive a lot longer.
  • Embrace the purple colour scheme.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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